Instagram repost and then some.(negative thoughts)

Ramblings: have ever been imprisoned with negative thoughts? Its the worst feeling ever. The trick is to look elsewhere for a mood booster, then it wont matter anymore ❤️. Happy weekend lovelies🌹 #londonphoto #preetylittlelondon #photography #photooftheday #takenwithaniphone #londontowerbridge I’ve been trapped in negative thoughts lately. Revolving around that feeling of being used. Meaning, not being … More Instagram repost and then some.(negative thoughts)

Instant Hijabs

When these first came out back home in Malaysia, I was so desperate to make it work. Many of us were;we loved the idea of looking good in hijabs-instantly-without the hassle of pins. This was especially to those who lead busy lifestyles namely working mums as there wasn’t much time to get ready in the … More Instant Hijabs