Social Media, Mental Health & a Review

Social Media. Everyone’s involved. Even the earlier generation (parents, sometimes grandparents..) is joining in. Its now our mainstream news. Its advertisement. Its where we get advise, where we get support and where connections are made. What worries me, is the mental health issues associated with it. You can see hints of anxiety, depression, stress and … More Social Media, Mental Health & a Review

Cover Girl by Deen Squad

I am so happy to be part of this project. I mean its just one millisecond, but it was fun! Can you spot anyone else? Song Cover Girl by Deen Squad a hip hop group from Canada. Support the hijab cause.  Deen squad facebook & instagram.  Great initiative Deen Squad!

Mum Attire

After having a baby, there are certain things that you need to take into consideration (attire/fashion ) wise; if that is one of your priorities. I have to be honest, sometimes it isn’t. Personally, I try to make an effort-even a little. I don’t feel myself if I don’t.. Apart from the obvious of something … More Mum Attire

Instant Hijabs

When these first came out back home in Malaysia, I was so desperate to make it work. Many of us were;we loved the idea of looking good in hijabs-instantly-without the hassle of pins. This was especially to those who lead busy lifestyles namely working mums as there wasn’t much time to get ready in the … More Instant Hijabs

Hijabi Traveller Tips

What is the most essential thing to pick out when traveling and still look good and stylish in pictures? The hijab/scarves of course! Hijabs are wonderful thing, although essential to cover up-it also acts as a fashion accessory. It doesn’t really take up much of your space and you can totally change the look of … More Hijabi Traveller Tips