Just that one comment..

I remember when my dad told me to fill in a form for internet and get it signed in school, way back when ( yes I am THAT old). I was one of the first few people to have internet at my home. At that point, I was probably the only one that knew how to use it. This was before google. This was when Yahoo started. I joined chatrooms and met people from all corners of the world. I think back then, it felt so innocent. There wasn’t as much social media platforms.

Later on, I began to notice on TV ( we used to still watch TV, YouTube wasn’t invented yet) that a lot of online comments on web pages were taken rather seriously. In my mind, as someone who was a ‘usual’ in ‘chatrooms’, I had a vague idea of the people online. They were like me, normal everyday John and Janes, usually older, who weren’t really experts in their field, just someone with an opinion. So I was perplexed on why these comments were taken so seriously. Especially if its those one or two odd comments.

Now people are bolder in saying what they think; and they are not necessarily helpful, just with the intention of bringing someone down. Which I think defeats the purpose. The world is made smaller and more reachable because of the internet and social media, so why not use it to do good? For example, many, many years ago, it was impossible to reach out to a world known celebrity or an important political, now; there’s a 50-50 chance you may get heard. I know of some really famous bloggers that read ALL their comments and they notice almost EVERYTHING.

So what I’m trying to say is, whichever end of the spectrum you are, be it the giver of comments; do it because you really want to put an important message out there. Or if you are the receiver- remember..its only a small percentage. If you really don’t think it is important in making your life work for you. Just leave it and focus on the positives!



On the other note of commenting, I like to review online shops and places I visit. I do A LOT of research online on things I look for (sometimes obsessed with), so I think its fair to review to help out people make decisions.

A few months back, I picked out a hijab from Hidden Pearls. I thought it was a classic flowery look for work. It actually was. The size was really big and the material is really soft, silky and flowy. I have styled this so many times, usually wearing black. The problem was, I wasn’t really used to really large hijabs, and have trouble styling silk material as it is very soft and has no structure. It looks so elegant and is so cool in hot weather though. Would you style it differently? Link to flowery silky hijab here.



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