Social Media, Mental Health & a Review

Social Media. Everyone’s involved. Even the earlier generation (parents, sometimes grandparents..) is joining in. Its now our mainstream news. Its advertisement. Its where we get advise, where we get support and where connections are made.

What worries me, is the mental health issues associated with it. You can see hints of anxiety, depression, stress and obsessive compulsiveness (OCD) in there somewhere (your timeline, your feed, your. The ones that have insight (realise) they need and actually seek help, I am happy and relieved for. But those who are in denial, is something I worry about. I have seen it happen, and if you feel that social media is effecting your daily life, then please seek help. Professional help I mean, someone in the healthcare line. One thing that social media does, is down plays the role of a professional. Their opinions don’t really count, or they have a conspiracy or other. Healthcare included. Please, the safest is to seek advise from someone who studied and dedicated a few of their lives to it…

Anyway, if you are heavily involved in social media here are my top advice:

1- Have another hobby

Make sure there’s something else you like, so that you can switch off totally from social media. I find that usually what someone likes, intercorrelate, then its really hard to shut off as you need to post your interests. I am someone who does not like multi-task so if I don’t have the obligation to social-mediate (made up that word!), then I purely don’t. So my advice is, have something (or one thing) that you like, but don’t social-mediate!

2- Take time off social media

We need to realise, there is a true reality apart from virtual reality. It is really easy to get caught up in it- myself included. But the trouble with social media, is when it becomes your only realityThrough observation, I sometimes find, we make up our realities, believing something assumed is truth. And that. Is when damage happens. So please take time off ( you decide) and be get real. 


3- Have a support group

This is easy when you have friends that enjoy social media as you do. Discuss your views and feelings; you’ll be surprised- a lot more people go through what you do.

4- Please seek help when you are advised to do so

5- Enjoy social media, as soon as it stresses you out, think about taking a break (see point number 1 and 2)

Its not a sin to enjoy social media. I get all my travel, shopping, saving tips there. Its really helpful. I also made a lot of friends and connection through it.

I enjoy reading reviews as opposed to writing them to be honest. But reviews are the most helpful thing when purchasing something; I think we should all give honest reviews on things we took the tome to research. I try as best as I can to, especially if its travel or fashion. So, I was asked to do a review on hijabs I got a few weeks ago.

I had the opportunity to try on hijabs from Hidden Pearls .

Anyway, I chose a golden silky one to match with my white-gold attire:

This hijab was easy to style; meaning I could make it into a’ point’. It wasn’t too sheer and if you layer it its not see- through. I think my favourite thing about it is that it shines in the sun. Also its soft, so it has that soft drapy effect.

So please check them out (link here) and see what they have in store. I have to add on that I loved how they introduced their business;

Sometimes you can forget the importance of a hijab. Yet for a Muslim it’s the centre of their world! Hidden Pearls reflects this brilliantly, for them a hijab is not just about selling but also about being.

The other hijab was a black silky one with red roses. I wanted to wear it for a formal event. Will post this up soon with another topic to ponder on. Have a great week ahead!



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