This isn’t Goodbye..

I must say, two years ago when we decided to move here to London, I was ecstatic. I often told myself, I wanted to live in this city one day. How vibrant, busy and welcoming it felt to any outsider. I think because, you are accepted for what you are. My interpretation of this may be different from yours, but what I mean is, when I walk down the street, I feel myself and I do my own thing, and the people surrounding me see me as another person on the street.

I have always been a nomad. I inherited this from my parents. They never seem to stay in one place, and as a child this bothered me. I often write about the urge to feel a sense of belonging, a sense of acceptance as a child. This was because, we never stayed in one place long enough for me to be a ‘local’.

My dad often said, “life is a journey”, implying that there was no point of staying in one place. Hence my yearn of “acceptance”. He was always wise. I agree.

This city made me feel accepted.

Did you know most of my London friends I met through social media? The most supportive ones especially? “…and also unsupportive for that matter, but lets just ignore that..”

Initially when I started blogging, it was personal  (years ago; this blog is private now). Now, its about sharing, its about experience and its about trying to improve. More of..matters of the heart, of which, I struggle to this day, but I want to share. The first few months I started blogging, and active on social media, the response I got from UK bloggers were so encouraging compared to others. I instantly made friends and to this day, they remain my close friends.

I wont lie, there is a huge age gap, I am much more mature in terms of age compared to most but I do feel a sense of belonging and acceptance.

Yes, back home I am a health care professional, basically a professional. I am a doctor, a lecturer, a researcher and an NGO activist. All of which are very serious in nature. So does this mean that when I venture into art, fashion and photography, I am less of one?

I don’t think so. Why? its because these two world needs to integrate- we all know it. Both worlds are too separate, and each have their own prejudices towards each other. But in all honesty, the matters of the heart, are too similar. And the power of both worlds in spreading the message that society needs in terms of awareness on certain issues is strong.

From my experience, science  holds information, art spreads the message and religion gives guidance.

And that is the aim.

Social media is part of life now, we can’t deny that, so rather than dismissing it, we need to use it more.

This isn’t goodbye.

I hope


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