dUCk & Aere event

I was super excited when dUCk was coming to London. I am not kidding. My heart leapt!

I am not going to lie, I had this love- hate relationship with this brand. Hate because I simply could not understand high end products.

But now I do! I really do. Especially since I have tipped my toes in the world of business and fashion.

If you really want to know what sealed the deal for me; it was the #worldmapduck. You know when you fall in love. It just happens. It did for me.

dUCk makes me proud to be a Malaysian. This brand falls in the list of my business crushes ( along with Inayah). They are true to their own uniqueness, flair and exclusivity.

They make me proud to be a muslim. A classy one. A respected one. An elegant one. And yet, their products, are not only for muslims. Its for everyone. What makes it so great is that it promotes modest fashion.

Like I dream of a Chanel. And I justify the price for it. This is how I justify these brands. Its something you buy, that you expect wont easily rip or snap or fade. And it lasts. And. They have a re-sell value. Just wow.

I have also met with the team. In the few hours I’ve met them, I have had a glimpse of why they are so successful. The amount of effort they spend on making their customers happy is just amazing. You can see it in their packaging, uniqueness and their brand concept. But lets not forget the lengths they go to, to make their fans happy.

I had also the opportunity to meet up with another company Aere. This company, although only 2 years old has actually won young designers award. MasyaAllah, for someone to start so soon and gain so much within the short amount of time not just baffles me, but gives me hope. That even though you’re new- nothing is impossible.

The brand owner Raja Nadia Sabrina, is such a delightful person to be around. Also, the support you see amongst the entrepreuners gives me hope. You can see they share their success.

I felt so honoured to be invited to these events. Even a few minutes can give valuable insight on how successful people achieve what they have.

Who’s your business crush?

By the way, I was on Love Vivy ( 2nd season) which is Vivy Yusof’s reality tv show during this course. And again, blink and you’ll miss me 😬. 

From left: half of me, Zahra Rose, Vivy Yusof, Raja Nadia Sabrina, Zara Zii, Sabba


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