#LMFW Video

Finally! I had some time in between cleaning the house and playing with my 1 year old to edit this. 

I hope my short video did some justice to the whole event. The first day I had to bring my baby as hubs was having exams and he needed time to study. It was a bit of a struggle to film, but I had friends willing to help out! Thank you!

The second day, I was a bit late. I was waiting on some kind friends to babysit all my 3 children 😬. Thank you! 🙏🏼🙏🏼

In summary, I thought this event was one the more prestigious event in terms of modest fashion I’ve been to. I cannot get over the beautiful gallery setting they picked for the event venue. 

I think its the most I’ve seen bloggers in one place. I had a great time discussing with them. I also met enterpreneurs and designers which I can tell will go far. I am amazed at the hard work put in this event from organisers to designers to the influencers attending. I can’t explain it really, but being around successful people in their fields, you can understand why they have achieved what they have due to sheer hard work and preseverance. I am talking about everyone involved and not just the organisers. 

Anyways, well done to everyone involved. I hope for more events that empowers and supports each other in this platform. 

Here are some (unedited) pictures that I had time to take during the event. 

Thanks again Haute Elan for the invite!

Stylish Friend Charley Hafiz
Charley’s instagram: @modestlywrapped

I edited this one! I found that I could with my iphone. This gear is nursing friendly! And I still opted black. For obvious reasons.

Love these two. Zahra Rose and friend
Zahra’s instagram and blog

UK bloggers: Asoomii, Fatima, and Sabina

Model wearing Syomirozwa Gupta


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