London Modest Fashion Week!

<tickets here>< click the LMFW tab>

**be sure to use codes available for discounts!

Only a few days left! I’m looking forward to this event. InsyaAllah its the event to be at. Most of my friends that I have met through the world of instagram will be there. I can’t wait!

There will be some of the most amazing brands coming, some of them from Malaysia! 

If you’re a blogger and interested to come please let me know! I aim to vlog at the event, but who knows since I have to bring the little one this time. 

Do check out Haute Elan for more information on the company and London Modest Fashion week for tickets and the event itself

Honestly, I’ve meet the kindest most helpful people in this journey of modest fashion. Initially when I imagined coming to London as someone who wore the headscarf, I thought it would be a big challenge. I can honestly say its not. If anything people have been welcoming and open to me. All for the interest of travel, photography and fashion. I have met people with all different types of backgrounds and beliefs leaving kind words of encouragement. 

Social media and fashion is always seen as somewhat superficial, but I see it as a platform to unite and empower when others use it for quite the opposite. I am not going to be naive and say that I haven’t been exposed to my fair share of “negative experiences” ( to put it lightly), however I will take it as a learning experience. I mean, it is up to me how I want to interperate someone’s reaction towards me right?

Check out the promo vid below for the London Modest Fashion Week👇🏼



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