World Hijab Day & Winter Lights. 

Today is @worldhijabday. 
I grew up in 2 different environments where the cloth that I wore on my head was seen as being ‘weird’ or ‘different’ and sometimes a threat in one world.  
In the other, it was seen as a measuring instrument of one’s piety.
It should be neither of those prejudiced thoughts. Hijab means more than that cloth, it means respect, modesty and decency. 
It is a struggle, and the least we can do is support each other. 
It is a wonder that this piece of cloth though, seems to cause so much controversies around the world, so much so; it seems to be seen as a threat. In an ideal world, one shouldn’t be threaten by what they wear. 
But in this age of being denied access to a country because of ones belief, it is a struggle. Even more so, if what you choose to wear highlights that. 
In the other extreme end, wearing the head scarf is such a norm, that people will openly critic someone that does not don it ( or to their set standards). Even to the point of bullying. This isn’t Islam, this isn’t ‘Hijab’. This is a different kind of fear. A fear without love of the religion and God, which will lead to unwanted consequences. We need to set our priorities to matters of the heart #selfreminder. 

I will not lie though, my struggles have eased. In the world I live now, I am not judged by my head scarf. I am respected as a professional and I am comfortable with my choice of style. It is a journey though, and we all aim for the better. 
So, to celebrate world hijab day, I pray that this world will become more tolerant, less prejudiced and reflect the true teachings of Islam. 
The Quran explains the hijab in the verse. 24:31 ( An nur – the light). 

So on this note,this is the video on the winter lights festival last week:


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