Marrakech City

So my final write up on my Morrocon adventure is a list of places that I visited and I recommend for visit while you’re there. 

When we travel, be it as a couple or with children, we usually look for places to take photographs. If its photography worthy, we’re there! If its free, its better. We don’t usually like to shop and our souveniers are our pictures. Pictures are easy, you can always put them in a  funky frame and hang it in your home- and look so cool doing it. 

I’m still trying to figure out how to display my souvenirs from travels and not make it look tacky. Anyways, bottom line we don’t really shop. We take pics – and eat. 

Marrakech travel recommends:

1- Ben Youseff Madrasa

This means school in arabic. This is probably the reason why some people come here. The building is beautiful! I am no architecture nor art expert; but I do appreciate beauty. If you’re a history buff I recommend you come with a guide. 

We took a whole day taxi to bring us round ( you know we had 3 children in tow and all…) , but if it was just us two; walking around is suffice and saves money. Taxi: €45 / day, entrace fee €1 adult I think

2- Majorelle Gardens by YSL

This place is a beautiful garden. Because it was to commemorate YSL ( or something along the lines of it), the people here were so trendy! I came to see the blue! Majorelle Blue! Entrance fee €5.50 ( I think)

3- La Mamounia Hotel

I came here just for this famous place!

So I had no clue that it was a 6 star hotel or something. I thought, maybe 5 star and we could have lunch there. We have around €50 in a card the forex gave us, and had no clue where to use it. Now that I think back; of course this wasn’t enough for lunch! Duh! Being out of work for the past year; and on a tight budget looses your touch with reality. Anyway, I came in by myself to survey ( changed my coat to look the part of course) to look at the menu in the restaurants available. Hearbreak 💔, but our taxi had already left and we were stranded. So I thought just come in and find the place. Which we did. And it was locked 😭. I asked around and the hotel guy told me, its locked due to security reasons. 

So anyway, at this point my son was hungry and wanted cookies. Literally, out of the blue, wanted cookies. Oh my God. Desperate; I just decided to dine in the French restaurant there. They had ice cream cake and gingerbread cookies in the menu. That’ll do. So we ended up there, with the kids scruffy and I ordered 2 desserts. 

The waiter was like, “don’t you want food?”

 Well, lemme tell you; if my kids want cookies- they wont want anything else! 

So then he said, “do you want bread?” At which we devoured when I said yes 😅. 

The dessert, was delicious! My kids loved it! We had water and I had coffee, and our bill was €50 🙌🏼🙌🏼. Unintentional success! And our card finally worked! So I don’t recommend that you change your money in this form. 

The best part was the manager of the restaurant said he can open the door for us to this place! Thank you!

Here it is:

4- Jemaa el Fnaa

This was the main square. This was not included in our taxi day trip. We walked another day as it was really close to our Riad. And 3 places in a day was maximum for my 3 children. 

Lots to see. Make sure to try their fresh juice. Yum! Also souveniers here. Lots and lots. 

In the main square there were so many animals: snake charmers, monkeys- we just avoided. But you take pics and you pay them I guess. 

Also a lot of places to get henna. We avoided as well

Just seing the hustle bustle was enough for me. 

5- Koutoubia Mosque

This is the landmark of Marrakech, its closed for the inside, but the surrounding was beautiful in itself. There were gardens around and a courtyard to take pictures

My advice for travel, is to to be picky of what you want to see and avoid tourist rip offs. You also need to be realistic in terms of costs and bringging children; theres so much they can do in a day. Pay a little more for what you like; and don’t be fooled into something you don’t appreciate. 

I loved my trip, my kids did too! Its such a great feeling to travel and enjoy a foreign city. It makes me apprecite what I have and more importantly, learn from what they have ❤

Can’t wait for the next one!


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