Atlas Mountains, Marrakech

One of the main reasons I wanted to visit Morroco were the Atlas Mountains. It feels surreal somewhere that has the desert, also has snow peaks. 

I did a lot of research before going on an excrusion. I found that most group tours wasn’t for me. For one, I had a family with little kids, so I doubt they can get along with rest of the crew ( toilet stops, headache, car sickness, sleeping and not wanting to get out of the car ect2..), and number two- I am not really a fan of big tour groups due to past experiences. Although this is the cheaper option of about €20 per person if I’m not mistaken. Our private 4 by 4 was €80 per car. So I thought it worked out great. This was organised by the hotel, so we paid at the hotel ( or Riad in my case) and not the driver. This was a plus point so the driver doesn’t rip us off. 

The driver brought us to a few places where there were good views. A few pit stops where the kids stayed in the car. And a few more where they were asleep. So we didn’t have to visit the argan oil factory ( I wasn’t so keen). 

So on the way, apart from the views we saw camels, ate Moroccon ‘lychee’? ,  and stopped for lunch by the river. The meal was right next to the river with a beautiful view and cost us around €24 for the whole family. 

The guy said it was lychee ? €1

We then headed to track up the mountain, which I was so sure I didn’t want to go. But it seems, suddenly, I’m there. With my abaya. And my baby 😂. It was surreal. We had to pay the guide €10 though the I was told it should only be €3-4. Ah well, the pressures of being a tourist. 

Stone souveniers
Mountain trekking

You can trek as high as you want, for us. As soon as we saw snow; I said no more. I was worried about baby not being so well. There were many places that sold souveniers on the way up, and also refreshments. 

Some parts of the river and the mountains made me feel a little sad as I felt tourists had taken away some of its beauty. But there is a space to focus on its beauty- and the essentiality of it bringging in income to the Berber community. 

Where we had lunch

The place we went to was called Ourika Valley, I wanted to go to another place ( that was less touristy)- but of course my Riad couldn’t cater. However, it was beautiful enough for me. My children absolutely loved the snow. Priceless!

Seriously went up with this abaya. My other clothes were dirty due to baby throw up

If my baby was a little bigger, I would suggest trekking up with a donkey and staying up the mountains a night with a Berber family. I found online some people who went with packages that did this. It looked amazing. 

I really did enjoy our mini adventure though, totally worth my long wait of coming to this wonderful place. 


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