My heart bleeds for Aleppo

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I have been to Syria once, long ago. Probably more than 10 years ago. It was a very short visit. But a beautiful one. 

I was asked why I haven’t posted up anything on instagram about Syria. The answer was I have a few questions in my head that needed answering. 

I think no one is against charity or humanity. Everyone wants to play a role. Even if its a prayer. And I am sure everyone that sees what happend, prays. 

Sometimes those images, those pleas… They break me. 

Click here to update on the situation. 
Syria. I am sorry that all I can do is pray. But, although I am a realist; I am also an optimist. 

Here is what I plan to do, and perhaps inspire others as well to add on to that prayer. 

1- Donate to a charity:

Now I know friends who are sceptic of where the money goes to. We fear that our donations don’t reach those that need it. I have been working with an NGO for several years. And I know that a % of charity does go to admin work- and to me its justified. The question is how much. If you have helped with charities, you may understand the struggle of keeping a charity afloat,  so it is up to you how much you decide is the right amount. 
Since I am in the medical line and so is half my family, we have grown to love Islamic Relief. It was founded by a medical student. 

Here is the link to donate.

Here is how they use your money, and here is more info on some allegations they face on this matter. 

Dislaimer: I do not work for them. This is purely based on my opinion and history. 

Again the people of Aleppo, I appologise that I can only donate a small amount but I do hope it eases your burden. 
Please also look out for projects post this crisis. I will try and update. 

2- Attend a rally

There’s one coming up in Marble Arch London ( Saturday 13th Dec ). Details were given to me by a friend ( here)

Someone asked me, what to do in these kind of events. 

Well, basically you just follow the crowd. I would advise to go with a friend as walking alone will bore you. 

What it does is show that we care, and we want things to change and its not the minority and please… listen to us. We may not be politicians, but it sends a powerful message. And hopefully Aleppo will see, we do care. 

3- Sign this petition ; for  Air-drop life saving aid into the starving cities in Syria. It has collected more than 100k signatures so that it will be debated in parliment. 
4-  Post on social media. 
People may scoff at social media sometimes, but I think it has been and is one of the most powerful tools for change. I was brought up at an age where I was one of the first people to have an email address and have ( very slow) plugged internet connection. I have seen how mainstream media conquered the news and whats in the news is believed 100%, has changed to people power through social media. 

I have seen it make a difference.  So I am praying this platform will make a bigger change soon. 

So lets do our part. No matter how small. We are the voices of the world. Syria, we care; we wish we could do more. 


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