SANROUF London’s Luncheon

Sanrouf LONDON is a modest fashion company that aims to be an affordable modest fashion label. I was really happy when I heard that a company wanted to venture into this range as modest fashion is usually synonym with exclusivity. Sanjana is the owner of the company, and I can’t help but feel she has a very good grasp of this void in the industry. 

Although high street fashion can cater to modest fashion, it still takes a little effort to make them modest. Like the short lining of a maxi skirt or arms without lining, or sometimes very tight fitting jeans. 

The event itself was such an elegant affair.  I was so satisfied with the outcome. The venue was perfect, serving halal food with no alcohol. I have to thank Faiza from Generation M for suggesting the place. Thank you Sanrouf for letting me help plan your wonderful affair. 

Pretty pictures below with a video for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

With Sanjana Rouf (@sanrouf) wearing her polkadot cape and me wearing her Alicia dress👇🏼

Autumn dress by @shumidee and @littlecoveredbook

Violetta cape worn by @yasminsintro and @zahrarosea

Lara midi worn by @bubblegumhijab and @aishaa_mo

And @pasiondeviajar_ wearing the floral midi

I have a discount code for 20% ‘hijabiinlondon1’ at check out. Happy shopping ❤️


3 thoughts on “SANROUF London’s Luncheon

  1. Salam dear
    Im intan besri ceo of myadinda. Its a relative new modest fashion website based in Malaysia and ireland. Im wandering if we can collaborate with you dear.
    Please love to hear from you.


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