Beauty & Beyond by SuMo Events

Beauty attracts, but there’s more beyond that; hence how I conclude this event.  The event was filled with so many beautiful and strong women each a specialist in their own fields, each with their own battles. 
I guess, we do need events like this to find ourselves again. Even better, to laugh and think about having fun again. Sometimes, the stress and the labels in life can get to you. Discussing these stressors disguised in a fun and light way is one of the ways! 

This event has stalls, poetry, tips, experience sharing and more. I think what I appreciated most were the 4 hours filled with positivity!
 Well done SuMo Events, thanks for inviting me! 

Here are some pictures and a short video for a taste of the experience. ( excuse my typos in the video, its just too much of a hassle to edit). 
Anyways, enjoy!

Instagrammer @crazycovered 👇🏼

Fellow medical practitioner and blogger @sahararrayeh👇🏼

Flowers by @mimis_sweet_treatz
With @yasminsintro ( blog) 👇🏼

The wonderful organisers
Beauty & Beyond; Sagaleeyaa


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