Muslim Lifestyle Expo Manchester ( collaboration with Radiusite)

I had a wonderful weekend and the MLE Manchester. This event had basically everything under one roof. 

They had everything from family events to fashion shows. I met so many people, and got to record the most beautiful pictures. 

The place itself is large and spacious. The events went on smoothly. It was a great use of space and it was an event for the whole family.

Being into fashion,I was there for the fashion shows. It was a great show. Well done to the exhibitors! 

Check out my outfit from Radiusite as well. They are a successful brand in Malaysia. They came to showcase their designs in the UK. 

Radiusite had hands down one of the most beautiful collections. They had made some pieces just for the show and so many people asked if they could somehow get their hands on the ‘not for sale’ (yet) pieces or even become Radiusite’s reseller. Well lets pray the come here soon! Check out their online shop here. Their instagram here. 

It was great networking with everyone there. Everyone was so bubbly and energetic.  Thank you for the lovely conversations.

Here are some pictures I took of the event.  Don’t forget to check out the vlog below😁

Friends at the event. L: romy, zura, raihan

With ‘Atikah owner of Radiusite and Romy
Hijab and abaya by Radiusite
Hijab and abaya by Radiusite. Got so many compliments for this outfit


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