#bloggershangout at Sweets Mileend

We had a #bloggershangout organised by Modest Fashion London ( @modestfashionlondon) with some London bloggers a few weeks back. It was great to finally meet up with bloggers that you see online, have regular conversations on social media but not actually talk to the in person. 

Well anyway, back to the dessert place. The shop was called Sweets! ( instagram) (facebook) It is in Mileend, which is in East London. There are a lot of halal dessert places around this part of London- so I was really happy to try this one out. 

First of all, I loved the simple decor and the laid back atmosphere. It is a dessert place and event though we went mid week ( where we thought it wouldnt be so packed), there were a lot of people. Here are some pictures of the decor

Blogger friends : thelondonhaloodie, yasminsintro, and curlyfrieskapray

It was fun to just to try out the desserts. I had one of their famous Alto Shakes;

The Hard Alto Shake
The Torch Atlo Shake

Its basically a chocolate milkshake that has more desserts around it! I would recommend sharing this. It is big. And does certainly satisfy that sweet tooth. 

My friends also has cookie dough, these come with cream and ice cream:

However, my favourite is the Ferrero Rocher Cheesecake! 

Here’s their huge waffle just FYI 😄

Oreo waffle

…and also their delicious mocktails. I am a fan of mocktails so had to try it out. I would definitely recommend the tropical one

Tropical and strawberry mocktails!

Great company and great desserts. Definitely recommended👍🏼👍🏼

Bloggers that attended the #bloggershangout in order: @thelondonhaloodie,@curlyfrieskapray , and @yasminsintro ( blog) ( most pictures credit to them). 

Personally, I enjoy the fact that there are halal dessert places for us to try out. And there is a lot of choices as well. Do give it a try if you’re in London ✨


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