Cotswold is one of the beautiful places that is a must visit when you’re in England. According to Wikipedia it consists of an area in England, and I believe Cotswold is also a name of a type of stone.

The place where we visited was called Moreton-on-Marsh. We found a lovely little spot for a fee minutes to soak in the cosy atmosphere. 

Its got that english-cottage-ly feel to it. Of course it is very touristy, but it has a lot of photo opportunities (very important to us). I had a very short visit to this beautiful place last summer, and my family really enjoyed it. There are of course many ways of setting foot on this place but we chose the easier way of driving with the aid of google map 🙂

This place had a very shallow river about ankle length. The view was so beautiful that at every turn, it was a postcard opportunity. We didn’t spend a lot of time here- but it was well worth the visit.








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