Hitchin Lavender Fields

Its one of those picturesque opportunity that you just have to go to I guess. I’ve been putting going to this place since last year. Its actually closed now, so next year to those interested.

There are a few ways you can come here, drive or public transport. Since we had visitors from Malaysia, we chose to drive. Its easier to drive since friends say its a bit of a walk by public transport and since I have 3 children in tow, that isn’t such a good idea

For public transport, you can always google map (depending from where you’re from). We google mapped via car as well. If you go off peak season, as I did, you get to go in for free and take as many flowers as you want. Also; there would be plenty of parking spaces. I doubt it would be the same if you go during high peak season though.

I found it to be quite relaxing. It was a beautiful sun shinny day. The pictures turned out amazing, there were play areas for the children, a small cafe, and also toilets for baby changing as well. So I was happy. But I can imagine n a busy day, I may be a bit flustered with the crowdThe down side was that the flowers weren’t as  ‘bloomed’ as I wanted it (not surprisingly as it was near closing time). They open late May till early September- so plan your trip in advance.

Apart from lavenders, they also had sunflowers-so sad I couldn’t see the sunflowers in all its glory, but it is what it is.

The cafe sold vegetarian desserts and also lavender ice cream (not my taste and my friend pointed out it tasted like laundry-LOLs).

Definitely a worth-while experience and I truly recommend for photo geeks like me!

Hijab by Imaan Boutique and outfit by Aatiya London.


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