The Gourmet Hut

One of the great things in London is the abundance of Halal places to eat. There are so many that its difficult to choose unless recommended by a friend. As a housewife (and working part time at home), my splurges lie on  the occasional dessert and coffee. At home, we used to eat out every weekend. It was nice to go out once in a while. ( All my tags are directed to instagram)

girlie day out: @romy_ahmed, me, @bubblegumhijab, @pasiondeviajar_, @ibreatheshoes

Links: @romy_ahmed, @bubblegumhijab, @pasiondeviajar_, @ibreatheshoes
The place where we went to is The Gourmet Hut (@thegourmethut). And we had a brilliant time! 

We had a really great time here the other night with some friends.

The food I have to say was excellent. The appetisers were huge and were of generous portions. I would recommend the lamb-so tasty! ( I don’t seem to have the picture of it 😫😫😫). The others were great as well; muddy chips being the restaurant recommendation.

bbq wings 😋
recommended muddy chips
amazeballs; cheesy mushrooms ❤️❤️yum

The mocktails were really good- they recommend the “red mist” and I agree! the mojito and bubblegum mojito were also good. The milkshakes; as one friend put it were dessert (and again-agreed!).

AMAZING mocktails ( L to R: mojito, bubblegum mojito,red mist)

The star of the foods are of course their gourmet burgers-I had the little cheesy (coz I was stuffed at this point) and it was really good.

We didn’t have desserts because of obvious reasons but, the milkshakes itself as a friend put it-IS dessert! ( can you spot it)

The place was easy enough to find near the Royal London Hospital / Whitechapel Station; with the help of google map.

The service were also excellent and staff really helpful.

Tips: best to do a reservation if its a large group so you wont be disappointed; it did get very busy when we went.

My #ootd: hijab by @veronacollection ( website) and top by @hiya_uk ( website)

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