BubblegumHijab x Aatiya London

This was a special event for me for 3 main reasons. 

1- my friend @BubblegumHijab made a debut with her own collection of clothing

2- this launch was to celebrate her inspiration whe she went to South East Asia ( specifically Malaysia). 

3- I was involved heavily in planning the event and their campaign. 

It was a beautiful event held in Marylebone, the restaurant was a very European setting, with beautiful chairs, flowers and candles and romantic set up. 

By the way pictures are courtesy of @ishtarphotograpy and @sharmsoul

Even the goody bags looked wonderful with its simple design and blended well with the surrounding rustic features. 

The event was attended by some of the most beautiful ladies I’ve met since my blogging journey:

The designer @bubblegumHijab herself wearing her collection in stunning pomegranate red

Close friend and comrade @zuraahmad

@theluxeedition in the middle ( also a fellow medic and blogger). We had a deep conversation on the world of social media. 

@bellabekanova  and @pasiondeviajar_ ( fatima wearing black) admiring the BubblegumHijab Collection they get to model. 

@charleyhafiz of @modestlywrapped (middle) and @fusionfashionista

Beautiful and bubbly @sahararrayeh who came in her own design. 

Nor Azlina of @rasacafe, @romy_ahmed looking beautiful in this exclusive pink design. Also spotted @nikidznidalila, @raihan.ibrahim, @madame_dija @zaraazix

@curlyfrieskapray having fun twirling in this gorgeous design. 

So Aatiya London says they were inspired by women around the world of different background and heritage. I loveee this concept, as this was how I felt coming to London. I have met with the most wondeful people from all sorts of background just because of our love for modest fashion. 

I had a nice conversation with one of the girls and she said its amazing of how accepting Londoners are of people with different cultures, religion and faith. Its just the norm. And here we were in the middle of London in a french restaurant, upstairs celebrating this event. She hit the nail right on the head. 

Lets get into the designs; the bubblegumHijab x Aatiya London collection was inspired by the baju kurung which is a top and a bottom skirt. The top is a peplum which is versatile and can be worn together with the skirt or mixed and matched

in red and black
matched with jeans in navy
black matched with pallazo
mix red and black
…and thats just the BubblegumHijab collection 😱. Stay tuned for more posts on their other exlusive pieces at aatiyalondon.com

Sabina of @sugarcoatedMUAHijab

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