Modlist Exclusive Blogger Preview

This event was hosted by They are a company that aims to bring modest fashion all under one roof- no matter the brand . They are also another company named Haute Elan ( @hauteelan) which is a company that sells modest fashion items- but high end items.

The event took place at their show room and the place was amazing! It was set up like a posh boutique but complete with kids area, a dining and rest area and of course a show room. They pampered us with manicures and massages at our wishes. Simply wow.

Massages by @urbanmassage and manicures by @secretspauk

Their show room was really impressive, you can see it in more detail in my snapchat video ( below). They even have a kids room complete with toys and clothing display. It was so cool.

Anyway, here were some of the guests that I managed to take photos of ( or I screenshot them from instagram 🙈):

From top :

Hannah (@thefleurdusiel)

Nafeesa (@curlyfrieskapray)

Muhadissa ( Modlist Marketing Assistant)

From left: Mona (@manoosa92), Mara (@maradxb) ,Tulin ( @trestouline), Aneesa (@ibreatheshoes)

Hannah (@hannahghouri)

Amira (@modesrmira_)

Halima (@misslittlefancy) and Enas ( modlist)

Zahra (@zahrarosea)

Maryam (@maryam.taqi)

Sabba and Zara (@queenofsabba, @zaraazix)

Anna Nourin (@aana_nourin)

Spotted in the picture Mariah Idrissi (@mariahidrissi), Nabila Bee (@nabilabee),

We also got to try the gorgeous pieces available in their showroom:

Aab collection (@aabcollection)

Aisyah Al Mashoor (@aisyahalmashoor)
The food was excellent (sorry i just took pictures of the drink and dessert 😋)

The event finished off by a short introduction to the company by their CEO Ms Rommana. She explains how they feel modest fashion is not a trend but it is here to stay. They aim not only to bring affordable modest fashion all under one roof but be the oppurtunity to help empower women through Modest Fashion.

Their showroom in Chelsea is open but it is by appointment only. Please visit their website for details.

Below is my snapchat of the event and also what was in my goody bag. Dunno how to edit the thumbnail. Sorry!


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