Mode Edits Exclusive 

This event was an invitation only event organised by Atiya (@atiya_pr) and Modest Fashion London ( @modestfashionlondon) and I felt honoured to be part of it.
Mode Edits (@modeedits) is a Malaysian company who came to showcase Malaysian Products from different companies in Malaysia in an event called Pure London Show which is a trade event.

The two heads behind Mode Edits are the owners of @sakuramalaysia and @modvier pictured far right respectively.

There are a few companies under Mode Edits, so they took the oppurtunity to introduce the brands that came to us.

So the social media influencers that attended were

From left: @bubblegumhijab (youtube), @romy_ahmed ( youtube), @asmaabdrr (youtube), @thefleurdusiel ( youtube), @zahrarosea ( blog), @maryam.taqi (website), and @aana_nourin ( blog)
We had a pleasant meet and enjoyed Mode Edits entertaining hosts. And of course Lunch was really delicious. The restaurant’s name was Aubaine, Mayfair


We each we’re very lucky to receive a wonderful basket of goodies:

The hosts organised a simple game on the brands to test our knowledge on the incredible brands-and I won a @sakuramalaysia ( website) bag !

busy playing games

So then everything was wrapped up with a photoshoot✨

I’m wearing a top from @aisyahalmashoor

So here’s my basket of goodies! Also my snapchat video at the end just to let you know I can actually operate snapchat: hijabi_inlondon


me wearing @aisyahalmashoor top

I really enjoyed a sit down lunch with all the bloggers. It was fun chatting with them. Hopefully we ger to see each other again soon iAllah.

Brands in my basket:

@aisyahalmashoor, @jubahsouq, @tudungpeople, @fccmalaysia


Attending London events

I am a Malaysian currently based in London. I blog on modest fashion, events and travel. or @hijabi_in_london ( instagram) for contact and collaborations 💕

If you’re a blogger or business interested in events please contact or @modestfashionlondon


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