Bicester Village Trip

If you like branded items as the likes of Prada, Dior and Givenchy, you must have heard of Bicester Village. It’s common to those who love shopping and a must visit when you’re in London. Since I was heading home for eid, I did some ‘eid shopping’ for those back home in Malaysia.

The price for the items was more affordable as compared to back home.

We decided to take the train to Bicester Village as this was the most economical choice. A return ticket from Marylebone station was £28 but you can get cheaper if you go off peak or book earlier. The train ride itself takes about 50 minutes. Please check that the train does stop at Bicester Village station as we got on the wrong train and detoured to Banbry (LOL and such a time waster).

Tickets can be bought online or at the station itself. Another alternative is pre-booked bus ride to Bicester Village from Victoria station-ticket cost may vary according to time.


Marylebone Train station




The trip itself was really comfortable and the train ride was a pleasant one (especially true if you get on the right train !) When we detoured back to Bicester from Banbry the train was nearly empty so we took a few pictures:


wearing Top and skirt by Fringadine

And we arrived at North Bicester Village station which looked like this :



Please bear in mind if you’re from London you’re supposed to arrive here:



So the place itself was packed with shoppers. Some shops like Prada, you had to queue up so, you would need to come early if you want to go in ALL the shops, there simply wasn’t enough time (for me anyway). Shops close early on a Sunday (7pm) but closes a little later other days. My Malaysian friends’ favourites are Longchamp, Tods, and Cath Kidston (very London-y). Some places like Cath Kidston and Clarks were really crowded.

Personally I thought most prices were good, however, the common colours like nude, neutrals and black are almost always sold out- so don’t get your hopes up. Some brands can be cheaper at their boutique sale in Bond Street as opposed to here, so my advise would be check out the boutiques first if you’re looking for last season’s items. If its more previous seasons, then you wont find it in the high street boutique but will find it in Bicester.

Also, airport prices are cheaper as they are not taxed- but please be aware some stocks at the airport may not be available.

Here are some shopping pictures that we had time for. If you do go, I would also advise you plan your time, because I don’t think there’s time to visit all the boutiques. Get the map at “Information” so that you’re orientated.

The prayer area is near Prada, complete with a place for Wudhu’.

Happy bargain hunting if you do plan to go!




For this trip I wore a top and skirt from Fringadine (instagram). I love their minimalistic features and its so well tailored MasyaAllah. The material and packaging is so luxurious. It was such a joy to wear and style.


after prayers and heading home

Hope you enjoyed my short post


bargain hunting.

I am a Malaysian currently based in London. I blog on modest fashion, events and travel. or @hijabi_in_london ( instagram) for contact and collaborations 💕


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