Day Trips from Amsterdam: Lelystad & Naarden

Amsterdam was beautiful, but we wanted to see more of Holland. So since we already had contacts with a tour guide, they recommended us to a day trip to 2 places.
The first one was Lelystad;  actually the place is called Houtribdijk ( I have no idea how to pronounce it). It like a really long road across the sea. The view is spectacular. Its like nothing I’ve seen before.

This place is about 15-20 minutes from Amsterdam city. Here are some pictures of our travel. We only stopped a few minutes for pics but the journey was what was captivating 🌊. .Video below to join our ride. I hope you don’t get seasick 😷.


Next we headed of to Naasden. This is a small town preserved from the 17th century. It’s in a shape of a star. I think it was a fortress. It looks amazing from air view/ birds eye view.
The town is very european. I loved it! It was a great place for a photo shoot. Everything was very clean, and well put together. This town had a lot of character. There were a few playgrounds to keep the children entertained and also we ended the trip with a visit to a petting farm. My children (of course) loved it.

Here are some town pics to give you a flavour. More details in my short clip.

courtesy of google

hijab @amnahajar.hijab

Our whole trip cost us €100 for driver and car for my whole family. Additional( halal) food charge of €10. For ( muslim) travel tours to Zaanse Schans or other nearby cities ( including Germany) at a good price please contact:
Irfan: ‪+31 6 82648166‬
Rayisa: ‪+31 6 11366679‬
Please give my salaam to them 😄
I am a Malaysian currently based in London. I blog on modest fashion, events and travel. or @hijabi_in_london ( instagram) for contact and collaborations 💕


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