Amsterdam Boat Ride

One of the main attractions of this beautiful city are its canals and boat rides. I loved the houses lining the canals and also boat houses you can see along the rivers.

Prices for the boat ride depends on the package. You can get the hop on and hop off (same as the company that do the busses) for €22 (discounted price with coupons) and children are half price. Beware of out-dated coupons that quote €15. We were going to get this one as it was a bargain, but alas it is much more expensive than that now. They didn’t explain this to you until you get on the boat. So watch out.

The other companies are the 75-90 minutes ride costing €15 which was the one we opted for; called the Blue Boat Company. They had activity books for children, which were a great plus and audio in several languages to explain the ride.

Tip: come early and get the best seats and bring some snacks.

So here’s the short clip I made to give you a flavour of our experience.

I was holding my phone with one hand while holding the little one, so appologies on the poor quality ❤️


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