Muslim Lifestyle Show, Olympia London

This event was held a few weeks back. The event was a huge one attracting muslims from all over London and the UK. There were also international brands showcasing their products. I was happy to see a few Malaysian brands in the picture as well.

There were so many products from food to accessories, toys and fashion. Naturally I was attracted to the fashion side of things.

The main event was at the 1st floor with all the stalls. The place was packed! Then the 2nd floor had other activities such as talks and other activities. Not to mention a prayer hall.

I thought it was a great event catering to the halal// modest// muslim industry. And I think it was a great event. Looking forward to more successful ones iAllah

Below is a short clip on the fashion show on Saturday. Tell me what you think 👇🏼


I am a Malaysian currently based in London. I blog on modest fashion, events and travel. or @hijabi_in_london ( instagram) for contact and collaborations 💕


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