Imaan Boutique, Skylon London

This event was to introduce  Imaan Boutique to the UK. I have known about Imaan Boutique and its minilimistic designs since a few years back, so it was nice to see it coming here.

As always, I love interactions especially with the instagram community. Sometimes we interact with each other a lot online, but never have to time to personally mix. Events like these make the perfect opportunity ❤️.

The location was  great at the heart of London. Perfect for photoshoots. The venue looked posh, and food was a delight.

We got to try and know the brand’s new eid collection;  it was the same as the one we saw at the Muslim Lifestyle Fashion show. I thought the outfits or abayas were nice and minimilistic with a touch of designs- which I liked.

It is nursing friendly too, so a definite plus for me.

I am a fan of the neutral pallete and also pastels to be honest( and black), so these colours are my favourite when it came to their abayas. There are brighter colours to suit everyones’ taste.
I think trying out outfits is a great idea. Its very different from a trunk or a fashion show where you only see it on models. This time you get to see it on everyone attending❤️
Below are snippets of the event. I’m really dissapointed I didn’t take pictures of the food 😔. I totally forgot. Will do the next time. Food is important!

Instgram names in caption or click on my post on the Imaan Boutique events


Romy Ahmed British Muslim TV presenter @romy_ahmed




Rubina Imaan; Imaan Boutique founder


@ibreatheshoes; we have the same names


@saimasmileslike & @fbali


@zaraazix, @missslittlefancy, @desiraindrops


@queenofsabba, @curlyfrieskapray



All the best to Imaan Boutique. Welcome to the UK!

See short clip of event details and more people I met during the event. Guess who won the lucky draw to Malaysia 😍👇🏼

Clip in previous post


I am a Malaysian currently based in London. I blog on modest fashion, events and travel. or @hijabi_in_london ( instagram) for contact and collaborations 💕


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