My Russian Adventure 

So moscow was a pleasant surprise. I was under the impression that it was just modern busy metropolitan with very hig
buildings, not familiar with hijabis and very difficult to get around and scarse halal food.
Boy was I wrong. I guess partly due to me knowing friends who are living there ( students). My trip was very short, but as I once said- traveling opens the mind.
The first thing I noticed was that wven though the people looked Russian, there was a variety of Russian looks. There were some that looked ‘European’ and other inclined towards the ‘Asian’ look. They are not as big built as the Europen but not as small as Asians either. Thier fashion style, was like themselves- very artisticc and expressive. I must say, I am impressed. They are not as colourful as us Asians but not as ‘minimilistic’ as the simplicity of European fashion. In fact everything was like a merge of or a fusion.


Arbat Street Moscow

I really enjoyed the metro rides. Their underground tunnels ( metro) was eleganty- antique-y. I loved taking pictures of the journeys and their trains. Taxis all used apps and were really affordable.


beautiful art


looks like a gallery


antique metro


artwork in the metro

Halal food was plentiful. A fusion of kazastan- Turkish style and being a foodie, I really enjoyed it- even the horse meat. But I think you need to google which ones are available. This was in Arbat street


horse anyone?

I had friends bringing me along- so things were quite easy for me. But I guess if they werent around- google would work.
I saw huge mosques and churches and unique architecture. Again like their sense of style- very expressive.


biggest mosque in Moscow


Alexander the Great Church

I think my favorite place must have be the Kremlin. Just due to sheer expressive colours.

Hijab by AMNA Hijabs


What was also impressive were how they made full use of technology like the taxi app, fast food counters had self services, even the toilets used cards😑. There’s even an app to rent pick up and drop off cars.



toilet card

I noticed my friends werent as friendly to the locals as we would be here with the occasional smiles at the taxi man or the girl selling at the counter as its not customary to do so. I’m not sure ; maybe because the places I visited were touristy. Which, explains a lot about my friends who studies there. It was the same when I went to Germany a few years back, me being ‘irish ‘ or from the UK was seen as ‘overly friendly’
But I guess thats just the culture.
I really enjoyed my short trip. Its really been an amazing experience. Its inspired me to travel outside of Europe❤️

The next parts I’m going to be doing a series of short clips about the trip 💕 ( hope it materialises 😁)



I am a Malaysian currently based in London. I blog on modest fashion, events and travel. or @hijabi_in_london ( instagram) for contact and collaborations 💕


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