High Tea with Neelofar ☕️

This event was more of an intimate event-and I am in love with this concept as well💕.  It lets the Modest Fashion Industry meet up and discuss the current fashion demands of the community.

Personally, I think bloggers are more in tuned with the latest trends as they ( or we) communicate with other modest fashion enthusiasts online. Its different from celebrities where they themselves set the trend.

Either way its great for the industry.
This event was an intimate high tea, where Neelofar ( Malaysian Celebrity) and her team met up with us to ask what we thought of the current trends and what the demands were like. This is a great step and I think everyone should follow suit if they plan to conquer wherever market they aim.

If you ask someone like me with a non fashion education and a totally different line ; the markets of modest fashion is very very unique in each country. Now that social media is playing a major role in influencing it- we should find a unique balance between the cultures. That way it slowly mixes and intergrates.
For London, it is a very unique platform.
We had a nice insight on Neelofar’s brand and their vision. We even got to see their hijabs being modelled.

Obviously being Malaysian, I have heard of their brand- and of course I knew how successful they were but it was nice hearing it from the owner themselves 💕. Naelofar Hijab website here. I also blogged about her hijabs in my entry- instant hijabs.
I thought the the venue and food was quite nice. And Neelofar was stunning and sweet 🌸.

I hope all the best for the company and that the bloggers insight were helpful for the brand to grow. Modest fashion is on its way up, attracting people with so many different backgrounds but the same vision. I am happy to see this happening.

I made a short video with my iphone. It was dark so the quality wasn’t good. But i’m still learning. Hope its at least watchable 😅

From left: @theduskymuslimah, @bubblegumhijab, @thebrittishmoroccan, @zaraazix, @sebinaah, @queenofsabba,@neelofar, @thefleurdusiel, @manoosa92, @bellabekanova, @romy_ahmed

A~ in Mayfair



I am a Malaysian currently based in London. I blog on modest fashion, events and travel.

Hijabiinlondon@gmail.com or @hijabi_in_london ( instagram) for contact and collaborations 💕


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