Instagram repost and then some.(negative thoughts)

Ramblings: have ever been imprisoned with negative thoughts? Its the worst feeling ever. The trick is to look elsewhere for a mood booster, then it wont matter anymore ❤️. Happy weekend lovelies🌹
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I’ve been trapped in negative thoughts lately. Revolving around that feeling of being used. Meaning, not being credited for my hard work; which isn’t really a big deal to me as God evaluates on efforts and not results ( or human praise). However, what really got to me was the fact that I was being discredited ( a tad bit harshly) for the things I didn’t do. Which for me is deflating, sad and frustrating. Sad being the main feeling. 
But I’m glad it happend. It has taught me a lot on give and take and drawing the line. And patience. And forgiveness. How is God supposed to forgive my pass sins, if I can’t forgive the small worldly feelings I struggle within?Its also a reminder for me to be more sensitive to other people’s feelings. 
So, with that; I take on more projects and socialise with the more positive people who work together. And enjoy the same ups and down together. Whats most important is respect and elevating each other. There’s plenty of these humans around. And for that, I am truly grateful 💕💕💕

Rambling and appreciating my happy friends, wherever you are worldwide.  


Near Tower Bridge


2 thoughts on “Instagram repost and then some.(negative thoughts)

  1. Salams. I know that feeling – sometimes it helps to remind ourselves that “the other side” also have their pressures and conflict of interests and, you know, 40 excuses. A few times I have felt really down after being snubbed and ignored despite doing so much work, or thinking that my ideas were taken and used without acknowledgement. It’s here that I realised I had to check my intentions: why exactly was I doing it, and whose reward was I seeking? It can be a sobering realisation – so just say alhamdulilah in all circumstances. Good will come out of it, inshallah.


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