The Black Tunic

As a stay at home mum/budding entrepreneur as opposed to working a full time job, I’ve had to come to terms with budget cuts for my shopping allocation. This cuts deep, but being the positive person I try to be, I take my long vacation as a vacation should be- to be enjoyed.

So, as I was saying- budget cuts; which most of you can relate (I hope). One of the ways of stretching that dollar/or pound is to style an essential clothing item in more than one style. I’ve always loved doing this. One piece of clothing with many you can justify that the purchase was well worth it. ( its not a myth!)

Among my piece of essential clothing is this long black buttoned down tunic. I love black, because its so easy to match with any colour. I also like the fact that its long for good coverage front and back. Its made of cotton, which has a structured material meaning its less clingy to the shape of the body which is an added bonus. As for the colour black- I’m sure that has its obvious advantages.

pic 1


For my first look, a casual look with jeans and long boots, and a-pop-of-colour hijab. This time, its yellow. It could be any colour though. 

pic 2

Next is the above style but used more of an outer wear. So I can pair this with a short sleeves t- shirt inside.

Details: Monochrome coat: M&S, Long boots: H&M, Jeans: M&G, Mustard Hijab: Calaqisya

pic 3


Details: inner grey shirt:

For a more formal look, I styled this black tunic with black jeans, black boots, a long scarf and matched my pink hijab with my pink bag. This is my favourite colour by the way ( yes- eye roll).



pic 4


Details: Hijab:, Jeans: Ebay, Bag: Todds, boots: H&M, Long Scraf/wrap: Primark

Lastly this long tunic can be worn as evening wear with a maxi skirt and a statement necklace.


Details: Hijab:, skirt: sincerelybyusshawls, necklace: samsvitagegems



To me, essential wear means a good investment, yet still timeless and stylish. What’s your essential wear?

A~ on a budget

Instagram: @hijabi_in_London

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