Scarf Mag Event

I got to know about this event quite last minute but mustered up just enough time and energy to attend. Fashion junkie me (and foodie) would jump at any of these events ( for inspo 🙄) 😅☺️🎈 Scarf Mag  (@scarf_magz) is a muslimah urban fashion magazine in Indonesia and they discuss the latest fashion trends, not … More Scarf Mag Event

Instagram repost and then some.(negative thoughts)

Ramblings: have ever been imprisoned with negative thoughts? Its the worst feeling ever. The trick is to look elsewhere for a mood booster, then it wont matter anymore ❤️. Happy weekend lovelies🌹 #londonphoto #preetylittlelondon #photography #photooftheday #takenwithaniphone #londontowerbridge I’ve been trapped in negative thoughts lately. Revolving around that feeling of being used. Meaning, not being … More Instagram repost and then some.(negative thoughts)

The Black Tunic

As a stay at home mum/budding entrepreneur as opposed to working a full time job, I’ve had to come to terms with budget cuts for my shopping allocation. This cuts deep, but being the positive person I try to be, I take my long vacation as a vacation should be- to be enjoyed. So, as … More The Black Tunic