Mum Attire

After having a baby, there are certain things that you need to take into consideration (attire/fashion ) wise; if that is one of your priorities. I have to be honest, sometimes it isn’t. Personally, I try to make an effort-even a little. I don’t feel myself if I don’t..

Apart from the obvious of something simple and easy to throw on, there is the the issue of what I wear has to be nursing friendly. Now, Dina Tokio (@Dinatokio) did talk about this and she mentions wearing button down shirts. My heart just jolted-Dina! there are other options! (but then she is a style icon)

So anyways, back to my main point. It has to be simple. So again I would recommend

  1. an all black outfit with a pop of colour (or pop of colours):


2. I would also recommend an easy hijab, this is especially true, when you have a million other things to think about other than getting yourself ready. So its either, the famous black hijab (that almost never creases nor stains):

3. or the instant hijabs

4. It also has to be nursing friendly! So either button down shirts like Dina Tokio mentions in her vlog

This long tunic is really a great choice. I got it from Artizara (@artizarafashion). They’re a US based company but they ship worldwide. Shipment was speedy too. More on it on previous blogpost. Of course for this one I chose black. But they had a range of other colours.

  • ..or attires  for nursing friendly mothers. I haven’t found any UK companies, but there are certainly a lot in Malaysia, including this one piece dress from It looks like a 2 piece right? I wore it a dinner event, although I didn’t bring my baby.








  • I bought this top, and wore it even when I was pregnant. This is from a Singaporean company MEV or Mothers en Vogue (@MEV_mothersenvogue). I wore this top so many times because I liked the length and the colour was easy to match.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


There’s another online store that I bought my nursing clothes. This time when friends and relatives came to London, I asked them to bring my purchases.

After extensive searching online, I found this store: Summer Glitz .

Now, my previous experiences with online shops such as these, were that their clothes were tiny- I could hardly fit into them (no wonder they were so cheap!) So I was prepared this time. I chose size L ! To be fair they do have measurements, but I couldn’t be bothered-so my fault entirely on this online shopping business.

The first piece is a polkadot monochrome dress. The size was actually big when I wore it (actually most were, but I didn’t mind).
They do international shipping, but I don’t know how much it is to ship to the UK. I think this one is sold out- they don’t have it online anymore. Hijab from @amnahajar.hijab // website // link from blog.



Next piece is this dress. Link on the website here. This one has a zip.I paired it with jeans long boots, trench coat and a black hijab.



One of the 3 black tops I got was this one with floral detailing. Website link here. Obviously black is my choice for outfits because hijabs add colour to it. I paired this with jeans and this long chiffon maxi waistcoat from @bubblegum_boutique (website: ). Hijab from @amnahajar.hijab // website // link from blog.




Plain black long sleeve top. Maybe pair this with a skirt. I haven’t decided yet..



A sleeveless black one:

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 08.02.44.png


and also a grey one, which I paired with a long tunic tunic and long boots:





I heard that Jamie Oliver supports breastfeeding, and as I support his school meal campaign, I support this one as well. Although, he did receive backlash later on his choice of words…I think he meant well.


Hope this entry helped mums out there.


A~ in Spring

Canary Wharf, London

Instagram: @hijabi_in_London

Amna Hijabs:




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