Masquerade Ball (Mode Arabiya)

This was another great event I attended.

It was a beautiful event and, it was also a fundraising event for Penny Appeal by Mode Arabiya. The event was held in Praba Banqueting Hall, Ilford. The trains weren’t working that day- So I virtually googled and researched my way to the place. I used google maps, google street view-I was so nervous travelling somewhere I wasn’t used to alone. Although I do find that London is such a pleasant and safe place; I still get nervous about travelling alone.


It was quite easy to get to the Hall. Bus no 86 took me quite near the hall. There were several other bus stops as well.

There was a Souq prior to the event. And of course- I had to go ‘shopping’ first. In all honesty, I would love to have my own stall of hijabs in Souqs like this one day; but I don’t think I can leave the baby for that long. The stalls were lovely and I bought this beautiful hijab pin from @sodis_gems (Website), and I also got this pin cushion which is just so cute! I love them.


I also bought this long chiffon vest-which I can’t wait to wear and style. I wish I could have one every colour. (image for illustration purposes)



Back to the event. The setting was so beautiful! I loved the glittering walkway!


So after Maghrib prayers I joined a table with these two:

the gorgeous @crazycovered and @wafaa_adam

All the other familiar faces , like this beauty was busy organising the event @bubbblegumhijab (you tube)




or getting ready to be the host of the event @romy_ahmed(Youtube) looking like a queen.


or getting ready to be on the runway @manoosa92 (Youtube)


The food was delicious! And I for some reason (hungry), did not take pictures.



I was also nervous about taking the bus home so late at night, but later found two charming ladies who kindly drove me home as they were nearby. awww-can’t thank them enough. Thank you!!

Anyways- the main event were the gorgeous, gorgeous fashion show. I mean wow! Here are just a few of the snapshots of the night:


Gorgeous South Asian materials by @prive_lux. I feel so bad that I didn’t take more pictures..there were more beautiful designs but you can browse their instagram for a better view.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I think my favourite designs were from @granddesignsabaya. I thought the pieces looked very elegant especially their black abayas. I wish I had an event to go to to wear these! Spot the models (youtube), @queenofsabba, and @pancakesloving10

As I said I had to leave early since I was nervous about going home by bus alone so late-but the night went on with another set catwalk- I which sadly I didn’t get to see..

My outfit for that night was from I chose this neutral tone and matched it with my @sugarscarf shawl. I later bought a hijab pin mentioned earlier to complete the look:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Last but not least, the event was for this fundraising charity, Penny Appeal (@pennyappeal). If you go on their website, you’ll see the amazing work they do. I am so inspired by their cause and their activities. I am involved with a few NGOs back home, but I hope to learn more from groups such as this one while I’m here iAllah. Its charity work like this that reminds us, of how lucky we are. I recently came across these words on Facebook and it still resonates:

” I keep thinking why somebody won’t  do something…then I realised, I am somebody..”


Hopefully that somebody,


Ilford, London

Instagram: @hijabi_in_London

Amna Hijabs:




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