Hijup Meet & Greet; Beyond Fashion

I was so glad @bubblegumhijab told me about this event, everything was so last minute but I am so glad I just barely attended.

Hijup (@hijup, website) is a modest fashion company currently online and they have top name fashion designers namely the likes of@dianpelangi. Which I have to say is a a beaut inside and out. All I have to say is no wonder she has achieved so much. ( I started stalking her Instagram afterwards and oh my God- she is increddible 😱). She has so much vision but with ❤️. It was one of the best events I attended.

First of all, the venue was absolutely stunning and chic. It was this restaurant near Oxford street. Thank God I went with 2 lovely friends and didn’t get lost 😁

Went with these 2 lovelies @romy_ahmed (youtube, website) and @bubblegumhijab (youtube)

Food was amazing;


And I haven’t even started on the event!

We were told to come at 2.30pm but the eveny started at 3pm. Which was fair enough. They started on time and finished on time too. The opening was a video on the company @Hijup  which was quite impressive.

Then they had a session with Indonesia’s most famous and top designers. All of them have their brand on hijup. What I found most appealing and so inspiring were the thought process of these wonderful, beautiful and successful ladies. What motivated them, how they got together and what their visions were.

Amongst the things they mentioned were how they wanted to share with the world what they felt was they also needed ( an online fashion for muslim women). How they are not threatened but welcome the acceptance hence more competition in the modest fashiom industry especially by non muslim company and how their beliefs are what motivate and drives them.
Truly, these are the people that achieve- and I can understand why.

@amaliah.co.uk did a beautiful write up on the event. I wish I could write like them.

Indonesia’s top designers: Far right: @diajenglestari (founder of Hijup), @diapelangi, @zaskiasungkar15, @vivizubedi, @jenahara, and @restuanggraini


Next, there was the session with Indonesian and UK bloggers:

middle three from right : @samahsay, @iamandora,@mariahidrissi


And the trunk show! by @vivizubedi


Loved the pieces because they were black but with small, subtle designs that brought out their heritage and unique beads and patterns. I have to say that I loved all the designers style and they were very suitable for London style.

I also noticed they had a small place dedicated for prayer in the room- which was great! Because I always find myself trying to find places to pray at events like this. Some of them are easy to find while others- not so.

At the end, the sessions were closed by minggling around with the designers and I got to talk to many people in the modest fashion industry

Gorgeous @queenosaba who will have her collection out soon

Had a wonderful chat with these two designers. They were so inspiring mAllah! And very friendly too!

Who doesn’t know the H&M girl @mariahidrissi (youtube) right? The difference between a supermodel and me 🙈🙈. She was very inspiring when she said she could’t be a fashion icon- but wanted to do something more-a motivator.

Beaut @misslittlefancy who is studying fashion in London

My endless trials to take huge group selfies
My take on the event: very well planned. You could see that these were very professional people planning the event. It probably isn’t surprising if you look at this company’s portfolio.

I learnt a lot from this event. Well done @hijup team!  I wish I could plan something like in the future. Especially with Asian Muslim brands in Malaysia, there is so much potential in London. Any takers? 🙈



in London

Instagram: @hijabi_in_London

Amna Hijabs: amnahajar.tictail.com


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