Black and with a pop of colour

Being in London has inspired my style. I’ve always loved simplicity; less is more. And its what I see here in London. Being someone who dons a hijab, I’ve quite enjoyed making it an accessory ; although it is an essential part of my wardrobe.

An all black outfit with a pop if colourful hijab is my style of choice currently. Especially when travelling. You can read about it here.

This was during my trip to paris (and pregnant at 29 weeks):

I wore black slacks, black boots, an inner black hijab, a black sleveless t-shirt and black blazer. Then,I could basically wear them with any colour hijab and accessory!

All black coat with a purple hijab at 40weeks


It doesn’t have to be all black. It could also be monochrome or the neutral  with a pop of colour.

I love seeing people rocking this look. I’ve posted this before on the monochrome look on the previous entry.

So here; no accessory, handbag can be black/neutral and a stylish- statement hijab. Love ❤️. (pregnant at 32-38 weeks )

This look matches my hijab with my handbag.(pregnant at 36 weeks )


Monochrome, black and jeans? And then a pop of colour with hijab?



I love this black shirt/tunic from @artizarafashion (website). Its long, I love the material and I can wear it as outerwear. The material is mixed cotton and polyester blend. This outerwear look works really well if I’m wearing short sleeves inside- and that the material has a little structure and doesn’t cling to the body.

I remember about 10 years ago, it was really difficult to get long tunics like this. The only available ones were short shirts, it was really dissapointing. Now I am spoilt for choice! So I’m loving this type of tunic.

Apart from that, its nursing friendly because of the buttons- so an added bonus for mums like me 😍. I  also plan to wear this tunic with a long skirt and hijab- cant wait to try that look.

I recently read on social media that some successful people like the founders of Facebook and Apple wear mostly if not only black. One of the reasons were that they had less choices to make since their wardrobe is essentially black (meaning they can concentrate on more tougher decision making). I think its a really good tip- especially if you’re really busy and you have other things on your mind.
Maybe wearing black is safe- like you don’t have the hassle to look for the same shade or a matching hijab to go with your new dress-but then, you can still use the hijab as the ‘unsafe’ item 😜.



A~ with a pop of colour

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