Instant Hijabs

When these first came out back home in Malaysia, I was so desperate to make it work. Many of us were;we loved the idea of looking good in hijabs-instantly-without the hassle of pins. This was especially to those who lead busy lifestyles namely working mums as there wasn’t much time to get ready in the morning. Of course students, career women and many others felt the same.

To be honest, the first few that came out, although were ideal-just one face slip on, were to me-not very appealing. I was quite dissapointed. I actually just wore them to get through the day during  most of my working-studying-mother-wife days. Those days were quite stressful for me, so I didn’t care much what I looked like anyway. I just wanted to complete my studies and get it over and done with .

…and as much as I wanted it to work; it just didn’t 😭. This was what it looked like. By the way, the model looks stunning in it, I just felt it didn’t suit me:

I stopped wearing them soon after I completed my studies. However, I still wear them as an ’emergency hijab’ at home- you know when someone comes unexpectedly or I need to open the door for the mailman…its very useful then 😅.

Later on, instant hijabs got better. They looked better. One was from Bokitta. This was revolutionary; it came in 2 pieces and you wear them without pins-and they looked like they were neatly wrapped 😱. They looked elegant too. However, the problem with this one is that sometimes the material doesn’t look as nice as I would want them too especially the face and forehead shape part (I find this the same with all instant hijabs). Plus-these ones were a bit pricey. Pictures complimentary of

Next, came the hijabs that were semi-instant; you didn’t have to pin them under the chin because they had already stitched it for you. The rest of the fabric, you had to do the wrapping, so you may need one or two pins to style it. It was still faster but looked better. However, my critique would be the same as above- I didn’t like the fact that it was sometimes difficult for me to ‘shape’ the hijab to my liking at the face and forehead area. I would sometimes rather just wrap my normal shawl my way. Sometimes though, there would be once or twice where I’d find an instant hijab which would perfectly shaped just the way I wanted it too! At the right price, this would be a bargain! These pictures are taken from a brand called “Naelofar“a very succesful Malaysian brand. These really became a hype. Pictures by


images (1)11376072_862936283771887_1273275132_n


Another example here is from Imane from fashion with faith on her You Tube channel here. Here shawls were from Adlin Anis

(both these beauties are gorgeous btw)

Then came, the double loop. This needs no pin at all.

example of a picture tutorial courtesy on


Initially I was sceptical; but after trying this, I actually enjoyed wearing it! It is still a bit difficult for the material to follow the ‘mould’ that I am used to- but it depends on the stitching and material. This particular one is in jersey cotton materia. I am not a fan of jersey material because of the way the material is hard to shape or mould. This particular hijab was actually pre stiched and pre pleated to give the effect I like! No wonder its a best seller! Video on double loop by AMNA hijabs on You Tube  here.  More on AMNA Hijabs here


My conclusion would be, for instant hijabs, you need to start experimenting and trying out different ones to suit your taste. It may be a bit pricey than the normal shawl but it does save a lot of time and hassle. Sometimes, you don’t even need to look in the mirror! I am preparing for that for the first few weeks of when lil baby comes and when I’ll be sleep deprived 👶🏼

Most times though;I still prefer the normal shawl🌹😅



saving time

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Amna Hijabs:


3 thoughts on “Instant Hijabs

  1. I thought they were a great idea at first too, but far from being “instant” they seem to take much longer to put on than my normal everyday square hijab, which despite all the developments of hijabi fashionistas is still my favourite. If I really need “instant” it’s going to be a mona or kuwaiti hijab for me. Then again, some of them do look nice. I like the idea of the double loop for running in: something that stays in place, but still provides modest coverage. I really like the look of the pink Reena hijab pictured here. May revisit the concept in the future.


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