Hijabi Traveller Tips

What is the most essential thing to pick out when traveling and still look good and stylish in pictures? The hijab/scarves of course!

Hijabs are wonderful thing, although essential to cover up-it also acts as a fashion accessory. It doesn’t really take up much of your space and you can totally change the look of your outfit. My top tips/things to consider when choosing hijabs (or scarves) to brig while travelling is:

  1. All black Outfit: Pick out an all black or  all neutral outfits. Jeans, nude coloured t-shirts/jackets/cardigans. I think all black is the easiest because you can transform looks with just one hijab. This was during my Paris travel on the same day (I changed after prayers).
Day look



Night Look

2. still on outfits- you can pick monochrome these also go very well with any colours


monochrome goes well with any colours

3. Pick Hijab materials that don’t need ironing: The trick is not to crumple them up initially ( like wash them and put them in a dryer and leave it unfolded/ironed so then the creases are permanent). My top picks would be

  • chiffon. This material is so easy to handle. you can fold them any which way and they still don’t get creased. They are amazing
  • cotton crepe: these also keep you warm apart from also being hard to crease
  • satin type: the trick with these are also to make sure you don’t initially crease them. As I said, wash and dry them and hang them straight away- some of them don’t even need ironing

Chiffon scarves


Cotton Crepe material


satin type

4. Use as a neck scarf- so more accessories

me in Disneyland using the night before’s hijab to bundle up

5. The easy black hijab. Well thats a no brainer!



black hijabs in Georgette I think this material is also easy to style however it is a bit thin and see-through

6. This is a last minute add on but I received this scarf from Ugaasada clothing and I love the material. Also easy to style and non transparent. According to her, this is mixed crepe material. And I💕 it. ( and yes I am pregnant in all the photos)


 You can save a lot of space when you travel by bringing different kinds of hijabs to transform a look, the fact that it doubles up as a neck warmer or just an additional accessory is another bonus! It comes in so many varieties too. Just make sure it gives you the proper coverage you need ❤️
Hope that helps!
Most of the hijabs are by AMNA hijab

A~ in London

Instagram: @hijabi_in_London

Amna Hijabs: amnahajar.tictail.com


6 thoughts on “Hijabi Traveller Tips

  1. Salams. A very helpful post. Love the blue hijab in the first photo. Would you be able and willing to contribute an article along these lines to our EMRUN magazine blog? Check it out and let us know.


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