London: On a budget (Overview)

I was recently asked by an fellow Instagrammer where are the places she should visit if she was to come to London. As the economy is bad where I’m from, I have compiled a list of places to see for those on a budget. I am really sorry but I am a budget traveller and I feel non-budget people probably wont ask these kind of questions because they can always ask at the front desk of their hotel- and go from there.

As a person who is actually living in London, I can’t really recommend any budget accommodations. But if I were to give feedback from past travellers and guess it would be either this homestay here in Bayswater or maybe Tune hotels in London.

For travels, I would recommend the oyster card (kind of like a pass-top up card like in any major big cities) that you can use on the tube, Dockland Light Railway (DLR) or buses. The maximum you can spend a day is £6 of travels (they actually put a cap) and if you travel one way to anywhere its£1.50.

For food, well they are plenty of places to eat- again can’t really recommend any places since we don’t usually eat out, theres a lot of halal places in Whitechapel including Nandos. If you’re an avid budget traveller, then buy at local supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury, Iceland,  or Asda (our choice). Tip: you can buy “reduce to clear ” items for more savings. You can buy Malaysian food in Malaysia Hall (Bayswater) but you have to come with a Malaysian to dine there.
For places to visit- the main attractions that are free are listed as below.

I will try and elaborate in separate entries since it will be such a long post if I do it all in one entry (this is just as a quick reference). But you can click for Trip Advisor reviews. This is where I get most of my travel information- I absolutely love this website:

  1. Big Ben
  2. Tower of London
  3. Oxford Street (Shopping icluding the famous Harrods )
  4. Natural History Museum
  5. Science Museum
  6.  V&A Childhood Museum
  7. Main Parks: Hyde ParkKensington Gardens (memorial playground for kids), Reagents Park (Near Reagents Moque), St James Park, Greenwich, Greenwich Park
  8. Buckingham Palace
  9. Convent Gardens (shopping & street artists)
  10. Trafalgar Square

For places/ activities that you have to pay per entry:

  1. London eye
  2. Madam Tussauds
  3. London Big Bus Tour (covers a lot of the mentioned places); this is because of personal experience, You can but a 2 day ticket for the price of 1 day and go for a cruise as well.

I will try to do a personal review of all the places we went so far. In the meantime; you can click on the links for a trip advisor review and details on how to get there. Of course there are far more interesting places based on your own interests, so as usual I would advise to do own research first so that you make the most out of your London stay.

Hope you enjoy your London stay!


Phone booth near Kesington Gardens
Tower Bridge


Oxford Street


Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland

A~ in London

on a budget

Instagram: @hijabi_in_London

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