East Girls Project: be-you-tiful

I was lucky enough to get a ticket to this great initiative. As the name suggests: Be yourself, be beautiful. I have mentioned this a couple of times on my Instagram post on how this is a great initiative and event. As most events on muslim and modest fashion this event also had stalls, and a fashion show featuring some local UK designers. Tickets were on sale for £5.

This event was done at a local community centre where a group of girls did projects that raised self esteem of young girls. A very important issue.

I try to do this sometime in my Instagram posts- mostly because I remember what its like being so young and so desperate to fit in and be understood. This is especially if you live in a country where you are the minority. Or even if you are the majority, when your family values  may be a little different than your other peers- aka very hard to fit in.

What this group does is mostly make these young girls appreciate themselves more, which is something most of us  are incapable of. What was more interesting this event was partly sponsored by Muslim World Expo (Instagram: @mwexpo) which held the Winter Walk event just 2 days before (entry : here). The venue for this event was at the community centre, and I also found quite convenient, near Shadwell DLR.

This time I went with another Instagram friend @crazycovered, whom I must say was hillarious and wise at the same time.(pics below)

The event began with stalls and activities for the day. The usual stalls that I visited were Sodi’s Gems (@sodisgems), they have amazing pieces including head chains, and pin cushions and the adorable Samia’s Treasures (@samiastreasures) who sells a lot of stuff! these include Maxi Hijabs, pins, headchains, and long waistcoats, which I still need to buy.

Just before the event we were told to go have a walk around and come back in an hour. I was so glad I cam with friends and made new ones or else I’d have no idea what to do(!) We ate at a coffee shop in Whitechapel called @MotownDesserts.

The fashion show itself was very entertaining with two very hyper MC’s- young, youthful and fresh- both of them have their own struggles to share with.

@rumena_101 (youtube: here) and @shamzym (youtube: here)



spot me in @sebinaah’s vlog ( link below)


some of the pieces on the catwalk. Last one is modelled by @pancakesloving10


@bambi (siger/songwriter) wearing Aidah Open Abaya- my favourite one



@iamandora (model/fashion designer) sharing her experience in the industry
with the beautiful @sebinaah (youtube: here). Her Vlog on this event: here
2 friends kept me company @crazycovered and @bubblegumhijab (youtube: here)


some capture screens below from Instagram friends



@Freckle_Hijabi’s post. Including bottom left’s Motown Dessert


Includes @flawlessbysumaiyah sweet MUA


The event was a mix of VIP snippets of their inspiring life experiences and also the different catwalks and fashion. Here are just some of the pics I took. I should really get a camera with more memory- my iphone keeps running out of memory.


My take on the event: brilliant effort, great cause, very entertaining, good crowd.A bit of hiccup with the catwalk where we had to go out for them to set up the catwalk, so if I had went alone-I’d prob had just gone home..as it started a bit later than usual. Otherwise; such an awesome event for their first effort. I think all events like this should be done to raise awareness on issues and struggles such as these.


Scruffy Me: I Have no idea how to pose or dress up for an event


Shadwell, London

Instagram: @hijabi_in_London

Amna Hijabs: amnahajar.tictail.com


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