Update on Winter Walk Event

I was delighted to be able to attend another 2 programs involving the modest/muslim fashion this month. I am already 36 weeks pregnant at this stage-so my stamina is a little low- hence the lack of pictures.

The first event was the ‘Winter Walk’ Held by the Muslim Women Expo (MWE) or @mwexpo on instagram.

It was a great event, the venue was nice and convenient. the hall was set where the winter stage was in the middle and stalls were all around the stage with chairs. Events were ongoing with stalls also on going the stall owners could see what was going on which is great.

I thought the runway was really creative, made for a ‘winter walk’- complete with snow(!) The host was Malik aka @islahgram (pic below) from the Corner Shop Show @cornershopshow (you tube channel here), whom I found really engaging and funny. Apart from the fashion show, there were also comedy skits from @ikystv (youtube channel here).

More focused on the runway, there were beautiful garments, suits, dresses and abayas. Pictures courtesy of MWExpo themselves.

There was also an award held by Modest Fashion Association London (Instagram: @mfa.london). I was nominated on one of the categories, which caught me by surprise. Of course I predicted I did not win as I was up against really big names. (deets below)

All in all I thought this event was a really good initiative for a family event. It would have been nice to have the fashion show at a separate venue though, or add on seats for the show.


However, I did think the stalls around the stage were convenient, although it was a bit of a distractor at times when you want to concentrate on the stage activities which were proper packed. It was a good idea to have stalls easily available like that so that customers can straight away buy what they saw and liked.

The stage was really creative. Pics below shows how they creatively celebrated winter. This is a great follow up from the Sugarscarf London Fashion Show last November, where autumn leaves were the main theme.
Another thing that made this event stand out is that it gave a platform for charity organisations such as islamic help to talk and discuss their event. I admire these types of effort and promotion. One thing I miss from my usual activity back home is to be involved in charity organisations. When we support initiatives such as these ones- the drive to handle these type of events. It makes the exhaustion worthwhile✨

I really think it was a great effort from MWE as it was their first event. They have since changed their name to Muslim World Expo- which I think is a great initiative since London is considered a fashion capital- spreading its wings in the modest fashion industry.

I hope I get the opportunity to work with them to bring in Malaysian Modest fashion! And that they grow bigger in the future, all their efforts really deserve world wide support.


Pics below mostly captured screen from MWE instagram since I was too absorbed in the show to take pictures 😑


The Winter Walkway



Snow at one of the catwalks shows


MWE Backdrop for pictures


Me and @curlyfrieskapray


Me and awesome instagram friends. This is why I love Instagram 😍😍 @romy_ahmed ( youtube channel here), @bubblegumhijab (you tube channel here), @mannosa92 (you tube channel here),





Some of the earlier mentioned personalities for the Corner Shop


4 of the stunning abayas featured. Abayas are the trend in London high ( modest) fashion. 
There were more such as men suits, ties, wraps, and southern asian style attire which unfortunately I didn’t get to capture. 😑

Bloggers at the event. I got a chance to talk to Fatiha from @fatihasworld (website here, she featured this blog here)( she is even more gorgeous up close) and her stall looked amazing 😘. She is wearing an open Abaya from Aidah London, I love this style and wish I could own one 😭




The Modest Fashion Association London Awards Nominations


Blogger Award 2015


Winners ✨ congratulations!




I had a great time. Met up with wonderful personalities. Modest fashion has come a long way. The future looks bright- 😍. As I mentioned earlier, I really hope that it continues to grow.



If you noticed, I was wearing one of my hijab designs ❄️❄️ inspired by my life here in London. This one particularly by the winter walk. More on my Instagram @hijabi_in_london,  @amnahajar.hijab or http://www.amnahajar.tictail.com 💕


A~ in London

Out and about in the Atrium, Bethnal Green

December 2015

Instagram: @hijabi_in_London

Amna Hijabs: amnahajar.tictail.com


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