Paris by Budget and Insta Reposts

We have been contemplating to visit this beautiful city just because we promised our daughter we would go (For Disneyland purposes). I have been to Paris before and so has my husband on separate occassions and being me- who woud like to cover traveling the whole world going at least once to as many countries as possible- I wanted a different, more exotic country. Back home, where we had great support- we would sometimes leave our children a day or two for a weekend excrusion to travel. Now being here, we had to ‘entice’ the little ones to travel-so Disneyland (Paris) was a win-win situation. Me and hubs get to see Paris and the little ones get to see Mickey’s friends.

In case  you didn’t know- I am not practising here in the UK, so our growing family is a bit tight on finance (who isn’t?). So as usual, we travelled ‘budget style’. We couldn’t exactly backpack because I am pregnant and with two kids in tow, we had to make sure we had a comfy room with all the basic amnities. Budget wise, we keep a small amount each month as our ‘travel bank’. Is it worth it? Hell yeah! I would rather travel than buy a Prada bag.. I read somewhere online; spend on experience not material things. so Ok-advice taken.

On my vast research on Disneyland places to stay (on Trip Advisor ), I found that the place cheapest to stay were

1- private appartments

2. other ‘satelite’ Disneyland hotel.

I was a bit nervous about choice numero uno since I haven’t done it before and there have been instances where its a scam. Even on Air BnB you can get scammers, plus the fact that the house that I initially wanted to stay in was not in the listings on the date we planned to go (school holidays). So we opted for the 2nd choice. There are actually a lot and I picked Kyriad Disneyland Paris because it was available on the dates and it had great reviews in most of the comments. I sent in a review to Trip Advisor. I do this mostly because other travelers have helped me so much in my previous travel, I felt it was only fair we give the same to other people. My comments in this hotel are as below, however if you are a fussy traveler- I wouldnt recommend it.


“We stayed 3 nights here. Prior to bookings, I read really great reviews. However, prior to coming the bad reviews came- which made me a bit nervous

I’ll have to say that I agree with the good reviews. More pros than cons.

This place is for budget travelers, so if you’re looking for a luxurious high end hotel- this isn’t the hotel for you. The cons were: no fridge or kettle. So if you’re looking for these basic amnieties-you are gonna be dissapointed. Esp if you have very small children that need formula milk or you’re the type that likes to eat instant noodles.There is a microwave at the lobby if you really need to heat sthg however rooms are about 2-3mins walk. Apart from the slightly hard matress on my double bed ( our bunks were soft enough), I have no other cons for this place.

The pros are listed:
– free transport to disneyland/train station( its a bit of struggle during peak hours but its bearable)
– budget price near disneyland
– choice of on the go breakfast ( croissant, 1 choc pastry croissant, juice and tea/coffee for €5.50)- buffet is €11 plus youd have to avoid peak hours to avoid long queues
– plenty of vending machines for food: hotel prices. Normal snacks
– staff treated us well and spoke good english
– you can save €5 if you opt to not have room service. They will give you a voucher and you can use this at the restaurant or bar. I paid for my breakfast to go with it.
– clean
– hot shower
– standard hotel sized room
– animal farm
– children friendly lobby
– free wifi even in the rooms

We spent less than £330 for 3 nights for a room with a bunk bed and a double bed- I actually booked a tripple room ( 1 double and a single)- I guess we got lucky.

Disneyland Park is Huge- so make sure you plan time well on the rides. The park tickets we bought here. You need to print out and actually get the tickets at the Park starting 8am. Its a bit cheaper online than at the park itslef. It is also cheaper if you buy them at low season. Low season is good also as I read that there are less queues. Man-the queues were long even in October- I cant Imagine if it was summer. We only went to one Park-as I predicted.  You can go for 2 days but the tickets were too pricey for us. Park opens at 9.30am and closes at 10pm after the fireworks.

We didn’t actually go to Disneyland on the first day- we went on the second day. Because we knew the kids wouldnt want to go roaming Paris if ot was the second day! Paris was great. To get there from our hotel was a free shutle and an RER (equivalent to tube/DLR) away. It took roughly 45mins and the trains were comfy. We bought a one day “ticket Mobilis” Zone 1-5 which included our trip to and from the hotel and the places we were going to see. I had to be realistic so I planned on seeing the main attractions only (and the ones the kids would like).

Here is the itinerary with the stations I planned before the journey. Obviously I studied like it was my final exams before we went. I would also advice to download the RER/metro Map (aka Paris underground map) or print a smaller version for easy reference. We didn’t actually follow the timing but it was just a rough estimate. The Halal food at the mosque only opened during lunch time and after 7pm for dinner and we could not find another opened halal place at 5pm. So we resorted to a bakery instead and hubs bought the rest in Carrefour.

Time Place(Activity) RER/Metro
8-10am Marne la Valle-CDG Etolle RER A
CDG Etolle- Trocaderro (View of Eiffel Tower) Metro 6 (Towards: NATION)
Trocaderro – Bir Hakiem

(Eiffel Tower)

Metro 6 (Towards: NATION)
10-12noon Bir Hakiem – CDG

(Arc de Triomphe)

Metro 6 (Towards: CDG)
12-4pm CDG- Opera RER A: (Towards Marne Le Valle )
Opera – Palace Monge

(Mosquee de Paris)

Lunch and Prayers

Metro 7: (towards Mairie de Irvy/Villejuis- louis aragon)
Palace Monge- Palais Royal (Musee de Lourve) Metro 7: (Towards: La Courneuve)
4-6pm Palais Royal- Opera Metro 7: (Towards: La Courneuve)
Opera – Marne le Valle RER A
We really enjoyed our short time there. I was honestly suffering from back pain after the travels. haha. Anything for travel. because to me- Travel is living!
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