Smoky not Smudgy Event

This event was 2 whole weeks ago and I finally have time to write about it!

This event was mainly a fashion event raising money for charity- mainly Islamic Relief. I love these kind of events since I was heavily involved with events like these during my uni days. Its concept is what I find appealing. Its a very open event- doesn’t discriminate certain groups of people and it reaches a mass audience. Very light but with a strong message of fundraising. It uses the concept of attracting people with fashion and food. I mean. That is such a magnet.
I helped my friend- @Ronnieoz of Delal Designs set up her booth selling clothing. Since I only just set up a business with and my hijabs have a really low profit margin, I actually can’t afford to buy a stall 😭😭. But Ronnie was really nice as she let me sell a few hijabs since I was helping her.

I did not have time to go and view the fashion show but I managed to see snippets of it on instagram and youtube. The collections looked amazing! Oh wow, I’d probably have bought a few if this event was back home 😆. Link  here for the review of the event by @manoosa92, I can’t seem to find other vlogs about it for this year.
Anyways, our stall was in the other building where they were selling food, so the sales were initially very slow as the main event was in the other building. The main Alexander Flemming building had amongst others- henna designs, make up and hijab style classes. It looked like a lot of fun and the reviews on Intagram also mentioned positive reviews- I kinda wish I had time to go.

We met up with tonnes of beautiful people. Some of them I didn’t know were bloggers but later found out they were 🙈. The ones we met were so friendly and down to earth.

Gorgeous @sebinaah. Youtube link to her vlog here– she reviews a couple of abayas which I think she got during the event.

@saimasmileslike. I swear she gets prettier everytime I see her.

Pretty @manoosa92

Pretty @jumahoque and her friend, I forgot her insta name 🙈.

Cheerful @crazycovered beauty and her friend @superbmuslimah ( not in this pic but her IG has loads of catwalk event pics)
More pics on @smokynotsmudgy instagram page. Loads of other bloggers/instagramers came such as @aana_nourin and @littlemissfancy but since we were in the other building, we didnt get to selfie with many of them.

Bottom line is events like these are great since they promote charity and at the same time touches on topics that interests a big crowd; which are food and fashion. However, I do think that this year’s event wasn’t as happening as last years’ looking at last the vlogs and pictures. I also wished  I was part of the fashion show commitee 🙈. Anyhow, great job to the commitee members👍🏼👍🏼.
Btw- I adore the slogan: pink is the new black ✨💖😁


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