Instagram Repost: Beautiful Chaos and then some

Beautiful chaos. I love the sound of that. I think October’s beautiful chaos are the falling Autumn leaves. These are the colours that remind me of that. Another thing it reminds me of are the different skin tones. We all know that beauty isn’t skin deep. However, this was easier said than felt when I was younger because of my ‘darker’ skin colour. It shouldnt be the case; after all beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. More of the struggle in bio link.

Autumn October hijabs

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WordPress add on:

When I was in school way back when there weren’t very many Asians or other ethnicities where I went. Naturally, I was suceptible to some sort of racial bullying by one of two my classmates. Most of them were very nice, it was just the odd one or two. It didn’t really bother me. When I get back to my home country, I thought- I would fit in.
It turned out to be the opposite😅. Beauty was seen as fair skinned and caucasian. I was in constant struggle. It felt downgrading not to be the picture of beautiful perfection.
Then, as years passed by ( or maybe as my mind matured), I realised that personality was more important. And the world started to change with media slowly making us realise that picture perfect may be photoshopped and “every freckle on my face is where it’s suppose to be” ( India Arie).

So yeah. Embrace you! Happy October✨🍂🍁


being mature

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