Instagram Repost: Confidence and then some….

I was recently asked on confidence: I think confidence is all about believing in yourself. When you know you can do something- automatically the level shoots up. Sometimes its in your head, you percieve that people look down on you- when they are usually indifferent. Actually, when you think about it; you are the person that determines what you think..subsequently, how you feel.
I suffered from really bad acne when I was younger. I was confident I would find a cure for it 😉. Tips in bio link.
Confident colour hijab.
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This is the part where I add on more advice, sorry its later than it should be ( requested a few days ago)

When I was in College, My break outs were really bad-and I became quite obsesed. It really does play wth your confidence level. I felt really bad about how I looked. It didn’t really matter what other people said at this point. As in the hashtag-the struggle is real.

I did a vast google search on what I could do to combat my (cystic and painful) acne. Even though I was doing medicine-I still googled (pls make sure ts realiable resources). hehe. Here was what I found out:

  1. It’s not about cleanliness at all
  2. It’s more on genetics
  3. vigorously washing your face can make it worse
  4. It could be stress related
  5. It could be food related-but not neccessarily

As someone who is very scientific and lately evidence-based (not just believing in testimonials), now, I try to find ( even more) realiable sources of information. And as a gist what I found out was :

It is genetic, do not go for facials as it can make it worse, there are certain medicine you can take for this problem. This is the scientific-straightforward-very proper advice that I can give.

The truth is, being human- I have to put a little ‘heart’ into this advice based on only my experience and not neccessarily scietifically based. The advice is: you have to find your own cure. HOWEVER, Please see a proper Dermatologist Doctor and not just believe in any product out there (this is so you don’t go outta line). But at the same time you are entitled for alternatives. You know what I actually did? I went for a facial (!), and with the products I used-it actually worked. It didn’t work (as well) with my cousin and sister though.  Bottom line-always try with a little bit of proper research and proper guidance-after all you are unique and the cure may be a little different for you compared to me. Other tips that may not want to hear but I have to mention;

1- drink plenty of water

2- wake up at the same time and sleep at the same time everyday

3- if its stress; tackle that first, it could get better with age as you become more mature/wiser

4- try and be beautiful inside as well as out (self reminder)

5- take care of yourself.

So here’s the snippety proof:



Canary Wharf, London


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