Styles of Eid (UK newcomer edition)

Eid is coming soon and my Instagram (IG) is filled with gifts ideas for eid. I love how creative people can get for eid gifts. Back home giving eid gifts are not really the norm, food is more on the agenda. so this is a pleasant change.

I was looking through some fashion styles online, some are really colourful,which is in contrast to the everyday street hijab style you would see in London. The usual street style hijabi of london would either be ‘all black’ or neutral colours. All black is very common here especially where I live, which in East London. Less of patterned and floral-even in the summer months.

Illustrated in pictures below. Courtesy of Aab Collection, Vivid Charms,  Inayah (my fav) and the Daily Mail (I love the Aab collection currently on their website btw).

Two Muslim students at the Birmingham Metropolitan College campus in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. The college have banned Muslim girls from wearing a veil. Picture by Damien McFadden/Daily Mail : 07968 308252.

black hijab



The Eid collections ( South Asian Style) flooding my IG looks more like this :


I love the colours, and the materials look stunning. Very festive.

Back home, the eid collection is looking more like this, loose dresses being the favourite choice (or my choice to wear). Sources: and



However, my obsession is still with hijabs, which I plan to do in another post.

Back to the main topic of eid gifts, I was given a chance to review some greeting cards, given by the IG @muslimbydesign or thier webpage. I was given 3 greeting cards and a wrapping paper with complimentary tags. To be honest, I have never recieved an eid gift nor an eid-ul-adha card. So I was happy to recieve this one! The designs are great, since I’m more of a minimalist-I prefer the modern black and white design. The cards are a nice size and would look great with an eid gift or as a thoughtful gesture.

Pics as folows (note my festive hijab :)):

3 designs
wrapper with tags

My only comment would be that I would have liked the wrappers to match the cards. Personally, I would’ve bought the cards but not the wrapper since they didnt match. Wrapping paper is of good quality though-not the flimsy-cheap-see through ones, so if you’re looking to gift wrap its a good personallised eid choice. I would probably wrap my presents in black tissue paper for the black and white card, pink for the eid, pray, love and gold or yellow for the yellow designs. They would look so good… I love giving gifts and always ut a lot of thought into them. They make me happy!

Looking forward to the festivities,


Canary Wharf, London


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