Pimlico Carboot sale

One of the things I really enjoyed as a child growing up in the UK were the carboot sales (CBS). It was one of the few places my parents approved when I wanted to buy something. Other times, were nearly impossible. My father was still studying and mum wasn’t working so, we couldn’t have the privellage of what my friends at school had. Well look what happened to history eh? My kids are  always screaming showing me a TV toy ad saying ” I want that, I want that..” Initially, we would patiently explain that we don’t have the luxury to buy all that-mummy isn’t working. Thant didn’t work. So now I just nod my head and say-OK. (they forget about it soon enough).

Anyways, yesterday (Sunday 6th Sept), we decided to soak up the sun in Pimlico. If you do a google search of CBSes in London, you’ll find a few famous ones. One in Battersea and another one is this place. We went to Battersea a few weeks back but it was closed-so bummer there (especially since you’ve promised the kids they’d get presents if they woke up and got ready for the outing). So this time, we were hoping for better luck in Pimlico (just told the kids we were going on a train ride – no promises of presents).


To get there was simple enough. We went on the Victoria line and stopped at Pimlico tube station. Apparently you can also get off at Victoria station (but there were renovation works so we chose the Victoria line). It was a 2 minute walk from there. The CBS was at Pimlico Academy. The view on the way was stunning. Of course walking with the kids, I didn’t have time to take a photo with my trusty iPhone. It was something like this but with flowers: (pic googled)


Entry in the CBS is £1 for adults. kids were free, I’m not sure what age you have to start paying. The boot sale opens at 11.30am. If you come at 10.30am (early bird) you pay £5. Theres a website on the CBS if you google.

It was such a nice place with loads of bargains. Kids toys were really-really cheap. We even got some for free by the kind owner who wanted to get rid of his kids stuff (they were older now).IMG_3938They Lego box was full of Legos and it was £1! Bless the lady that sold it to us. The cash till was free! (kind man who just practically gave it away to my kids). It was fully working too. The Transformers is an original for £4.50 (hubs knows his stuff, and told me its actually expensive, he too-like me didn’t get to buy toys he wanted as a kid).


My daughter’s choices were H&M (silver) bag £1 but I accidentally gave £2 (and only realised it later!). Lamb (Doc Mc Stuffin) was free and talks when pressed at the tummy and head. Tin Box was also £1.

IMG_3930 IMG_3940 (1)

Above are stuff we bought for the house. Our house is currently bare with no decorative items (its driving me mad). Although I’m a minimalist, the sense of no decoration is just overbearing (haha). The door mats on the left were 50p each (went there twice). It was really thick and good quality. A good renown British brand the seller says. I believe him. I wanted storage options for my home (I hate clutter), so the big union Jack box was £2. I didn’t even bargain-I should have. The basket and pink drawers (its actually faded pink) were 25p each (from the kind free-toy stall). he actually sold most items for 20p!

So I think it was a brilliant shopping day! The place was nice as well. There were people selling indoors and there was also toilets and canteen (place for the kids to play their toys and snack) in the academy. There loads of stalls. I was looking at some vintage items-mostly designer handbags. They will honestly tell you if its an original or not- next time a buy, maybe, the ones I saw weren’t really my taste. Plenty of jewellery and clothes. Yup, I love this place. Will definitely (beg my husband to) go again.

Of course being me I saw many Hijabis. They were so pretty masyaAllah, I was so jealous. Loved the colourful scarves-no shawls for sale though. hehe.

One thing about living in a city like this, is you appreciate your pennies more. This is definitely a great way to save. Good retail therapy too. Can’t wait for the next trip.

Details on Pimlico Boot sale here


Pimlico, London


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