Unique hijabi fashion and styles: From my eyes

“I must say, being a stay at home mum does have its perks. I can wake up while everyone is asleep and actually have time to pour my heart out. Its actually refreshing. I’ve always enjoyed writing but the past few years- these writings have always just stuck in my head”

I once watched a documentary about a muslim Australian revert talking about the different style of hijab. If you walk down a street and see a hijabi, you’d be able to tell where that person was from: Arabic country, African, Indonesian/Malaysian, Indian/Pakistani, Turkish and so on. Then she added Indonesians were very fashion forward. I have to agree.

Personally, I love seeing Europeans/Americans- because its just beginning to boom. Its such a mixture of the above mentioned ethics. A melting pot, and so creative and unique. My preference would be the simple ones. To me, less is more. However, there are time when people start dressing up (Eid for example) and I love, love seeing the styles. Amazing~

I am obsessed with these hijabistas/fashionista. When I walk down the street, I would check out the styles and think to myself- I would so wear that. Sometimes I wish I could take a snapshot and build a gallery- then that would be a total invasion of privacy and I’d probably get sued at some point

example of a papparazi shot

Here are some 3 different styles that caught my attention, and what I love (pictures from Google).  If its from a specific website/online store- I will do my best to give credit. Obviously can’t list them all, just my favs.


  • I heart Istanbul; been there twice, would so go again. Its so full of culture and most importantly stylish women. When I Turkish-Hijab-Style-Without-Pin-Img1went a few years back, the style was alien to me. Then I went 2 years back- I began to appreciate it more. Turkish style icon would be the  really bright scarves ( I LOVE). They’re usually the square ones. Long bright skirts and blouse and gorgeous overcoats. I once watched a documentary about Turkish hijabs and found out they were waterproof. (Gasps)

Pic source: for more pics.

NB: Love the trench coat.

Arabic style

There are several different prominent ones. There the burqa, then there’s the black long hijab with niqab, then theres the different colourful hijabs that I saw in Dubai. Just gorgeous. I mean, even the black ones had different embellishments which I found really creative. It’s amazing how black can be in different forms and shapes. I especially loved the abayas. I bought like a tonne of them (with matching hijabs) to bring back home as souvenirs. I especially loved the embroidered ones. Around 10 years back-when I went to Jordan and Syria- I noticed that the styles were very fashion forward. They catered to the trendy hijab-wearing population, which at that time was almost non-existent back where I came from. I noticed that the ladies wore shawl-styled-wrapped hijab and also the instant-syrian type. I  had so much fun shopping in Jordan and Syrian boutiques I almost opened a boutique myself-didn’t work out (student & broke)

Hijab-tutorial-Arabian-Asian-hijab40 burqa CINNAMON_SILK_CREPE_HIJAB_DEFAULT

The brown one is from Inayah. My dream is to work there some day ( a girl can dream~). Notice the layered look, it’s really pretty, especially in proper proportions.


The styles have changed dramatically over the last few years. From only one kind of square shawl, to rectangular shawls to now instant shawls. Have a look at the metamorphosis:

tudung 1 tudung 3 tudung 5 tudung6

I think whats most important is originality and what is most comfy. Now that the world is a melting pot of different ethnicity, the styles have ( much to my delight) mixed and harmonozed. After all:



Watching the sun rise, London


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