Hijabis in London

I was pleasantly surprised by the many muslims I see in London. I lived in the UK almost 20 years ago, (even though not in London) I often felt scared and alienated as a young girl in a hijab. Well, I wore it on and off and had countless debates with my parents about it.haha. What I’m trying to say is-it was a terrible environment for an adolescent to grow up in.

I am glad things has changed now. Islam is a beautiful religion and seeing it being practised freely as in other religions here is a blessing. When I cam back to Malaysia just into my teenage years, wearing a hijab was not ‘trendy’ at all. There was such a lack of ‘modest’ but stylish attire to wear. The only choices available was what my mum would wear. I was still miserable even in a muslim country. Once, my friend asked me-why are you wearing long sleeves? Isn’t it hot? I nearly cried.

Flash-forward 20 years and the modest fashion industry is booming back home. I feel, I can be myself. I see the same future here. I am beyond words.

I am also delighted that my local ASDA sells halal meat.

Bliss. Alhamdulillah
Near ASDA, Isle of Dogs


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