Work Vs Stay at Home

Well we finally arrived! It’s been 1 whole month and I can finally start to write. It’s probably been 10 years since I wrote a blog. Seems out of date somehow. It used to be the ‘in’ thing and everyone had a blog.

Spending the last 8 years juggling family and profession has one hell of a roller coaster. I guess being in the 20’s is all about surviving, then the big 3-0 and you finally have time to think.

Theres always been a debate as to whether the perfect muslimah (or woman for that matter) should work and take care of the kids or work and be independent. I hate those people who is critically one-sided in each side of the conversation. I wont lie, it did come as a huge surprise to some people that I wont be working here. What? with the high cost of living how do I survive? Back home, I have to admit, the past few months, Allah has blessed me with so much. I wouldn’t say I have financial freedom but I was almost there. Money (finally) wasn’t a problem anymore. I may have had to refrain from buying certain things (that Prada bag), but I was ‘independently’ shopping and dining without feeling too much guilt.

Here, I have no income, I will rely on the sole breadwinner (hubsy). It took (still is) a little (lot) of adjusting. I couldn’t walk by Nandos and tell hubs- “I’m hungry, lets eat there.” or pass by coffee shops and splurge on my favourite gourmet coffee (crying emoticon here). It really does sound superficial, but to me it takes a way that independence I had. I had a few friends back home tell me-I can’t do what you’re about to do (be a housewife)- I’d go nuts. equally those who tell me, O My GOD! you’re so lucky! so yeah; my feelings are mixed, coz i felt both.

The worse nightmare would be facing my kids 24/7. Oh EM GEE! I sound like a terrible mother but this really scared me. I don’t mind the cooking and cleaning (I’m anal about that). I mean, I am not one of those mums that is creative and has fun with kids. They come to me to kiss and hug and complain and be doted on ect2, but playing is definitely daddy (again crying emoticon here).

It’s gonna be a long, winding and unknown  2 year road ahead. Let’s see if I become happy or grouchy.

Canary Wharf, UK


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